Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tying Down the Colors

Now that we had officially decided on a color for the bridesmaid dresses, it was time to officially round out the color scheme. I knew I wanted to use blue and purple with a pop of yellow, but just what purple and what yellow were we going to use. So on a stop to Home Depot (its official purpose was to pick up a wheelbarrow), I also made a stop in the paint section to find the purple and yellow I wanted to use.
These are both from Martha Stewart's line of paint. They're called "blueberry pie" and "custard". Any guesses as to which is which? Ha! But I do think it's cute that her colors are named after food.

At this point we were good to go. We had the color of the bridesmaid dresses, we had the accent colors. All we had to do from here watch match everything else (the groom's and groomsmen's accessories, the table linens, the invitations) to this color scheme and we were good to go. At least that's what I thought at the time...

Did you have a hard time picking out the specific colors for your wedding? And just for fun, if you were in charge of naming colors of paint, what would you name them after?


  1. Using paint chips to narrow down your colors is such a great idea! We used the scrapbook paper aisle at Michael's to figure ours out :)

  2. I let the bridesmaid choose the dress color-blue or brown. They went with brown, so our colors were brown, green, red, and ivory. Those colors worked really well with our venue too.

  3. Pretty! The yellow you picked is similar to our main colour - a very light, butter-y yellow! That is our main colour and then the accents are just brighter yellows (sunflowers!) grey, white and black. Kind of boring I know but I decided I preferred more neutral colours especially since our venue is outdoors with lots of natural colours!

    I really do LOVE the colours you chose though!