Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shades of Blue

Ever since the boy and I were first engaged, I've wanted to diy our invitations. Me and my mom actually had several discussion about what I wanted them to look like, and while I've fine-tuned details along with way, my general vision on them has stayed the same.

Granted I did want to diy my STDs, and while I did semi-diy them, I fell short of my initial vision. In some ways I do feel like I let myself down with them, but considering I had them out and mailed within 2 months of my mom's funeral I should probably give myself some credit. But the point I'm trying to make, is that I want to be able to achieve my vision with our invitations since I feel like i felt short previously.

I've read over and over again, if you want to diy invitations to estimate the amount of time you think it'll take and double it. I figured one month would probably give me enough time to get everything done, which by doubling it means I should give myself a 2 month window. So it makes perfect sense then, that I didn't really start on my invitations until about 2 weeks before I wanted to send them out, right?

Although to be fair I did start designing them about a month before my self-imposed deadline. I just didn't start picking up the supplies until well, now. When I went to Michael's to find the perfect paper, well I found it, just not enough. If I left myself enough time I could have bought their supply, gone to another Michael's or Hobby Lobby and bought theirs as well, and waited for the first store to restock to buy it again. Except, I'm out of time here, so I went and picked up every shade of blue and purple that would work in our color scheme.
Yes, every single piece had to be rung up separately. So thanks to the store employee checking me out and to everyone to had to wait in line behind me.
I figured no one will compare their invitations to make sure they're the same shade of blue. Of course if you reading this you know my secret. But I have to hope anyone who is reading this, who will be receiving an invitation, likes me enough not to care.

Did you decide to diy your invitations? Or did you go the semi-sane route and just order them? And if you did diy your invitations, how long did you leave yourself to make it all happen?


  1. I tried to DIY our invites. I had DIY'd our STDs and that was fine. But I could not make my very specific vision of our invites a reality using my own limited craftiness. After night after night of me getting more and more aggravated, Tai finally forced me to buy our invites. I felt like a failure but it was done and I could move on. I actually liked how they came out too.

  2. I think it is an amazing decision that you make your own invitations!

  3. I DIYed our wedding invitations and it took me about a week! They weren't as cute as I was envisioning but they were still pretty cute! And you bet your bottom i saved one, or five..