Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Cake Way

We've talked about our first dance song, but we've yet to talk about all the other songs we're planning on using for the wedding. Expect a few more posts on this topic, if only because we haven't made most of the decisions yet, but until then...

To say that the boy shot down my suggestion that we use a Backstreet Boys song as our first dance isn't unexpected, at least not for him. But I think anyone whose known about my obsession since high school would be a little surprised. My thought was that even if we aren't using them for our first dance they could still be present. After all, why can't we play every single Backstreet ballad throughout the night? Unfortunately, for some reason the boy shot that down as well. But we did at least come to some sort of compromise.

I have a agreed that we won't be playing any other BSB songs on the condition that I would choose a Backstreet song for our cake cutting song. As for my choice, I'm going to go classic with "I Want it That Way." Tell you why? 'Cause I want it that way. (Sorry... I couldn't help myself there.) But since I know you've all heard the song, this is my video of the guys performing it last summer at the Louisiana NKOTBSB concert. You'll have to forgive the fact that I turned the camera sideways halfway through, and the fact you can hear me singing in the background. But at least it's an original.
As for the real reason I think it's the perfect song, well... to put it mildly the boy isn't a big fan of dessert. So if anyone of the two of us will be looking forward to cake that night, it'll me. Then it only makes sense that I get to choose the cake song, right? Plus if there's anything I want, in general, it's probably is dessert. Basically I think IWITW is the perfect song for us. The boy might disagree, but at least he's not fighting me here.

And while we talking about the Backstreet Boys, I figured I'd share a few big pieces of news, in case you're not in the know like me! First the guys are working on their next album. But more than that, Kevin decided to rejoin the group, so all 5 of them are working on it. Plus AJ recently announced that his wife is pregnant, which means Nick is not just the only one who isn't married, but he'll soon be the only one whose not a father. Which I guess means, there's still a shot for me, right? Ha!

Are you choosing to feature any of the songs you loved in high school at your wedding. And finally, the epic question... Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?


  1. Kevin's coming back? \o/

    And it's BSB in my books, of course ;) (Um, that was the question, right?) I'm still a bit gutted that I was out of the country during the entire UK leg of the NKOTBSB tour :(

  2. I support your BSB suggestion!

  3. This cracked me up. Good for you getting your song in there some how. I enjoy the BSBs, but I was N'SYNC all the way. I let my sister be obsessed with BSB. I am still secretly holding out hope for Justin to come to terms with the fact that he is in love with me. So far it hasn't happened. I do move a lot though, so I am sure he is just confused.

  4. Love!! When I get married I'm totally going to have a bunch of the BSB and Nysnc songs on the playlist!