Thursday, May 31, 2012

Show Us Your... Living Room

One thing I love about linking up with Kelly's Korner's home tours is that it give me a chance to check in and show how my home has changed from year to year. In most cases it wouldn't be enough for a blog post, but that changes when it's for a specific post. It's perfect for me that the first post of the series is living rooms, because out of all the rooms in our house it's probably changed the most in the almost 2 years. This is what our living rooms looks like now...
and this is what it looked like when I wrote this post to link up almost 2 years ago.
Living Room
Quite a change right? I actually did post about our living room here when some of those changes were first made. But the biggest different from that more recent post is the boy's desk next to the fireplace, as well as the chest next to it.

But onto some more recent photos. From the older photo above you can see where we used to have our tv, instead this is what that corner of the room looks like now.
Zooming in a little closer, you can also see the table that's currently under the window. Most of the baskets underneath have blankets, but if you saw above there's a few already laying on the couch.
And if you're curious as to where the tv is now, it's in the complete opposite corner.
I wouldn't necessarily call our living room finished at this point, but I think you have to admit it is an upgrade from where it used to be.

Have you made any big upgrades to your house in the past 2 years since Kelly's done her tour of homes? And if you're stopping by here for the first time, thanks for coming, and be sure to leave a comment to say hi!


  1. I love your furniture! It really makes the room look so much different. It looks so comfy!

    I moved last July and bought new furniture for my living room/dining room. Besides that I have not done much. I haven't even hung photos on the walls of my living room! I am going to do somethign about that this month, though!

  2. You have a beautiful fireplace. I am from Louisiana but live in Texas. How are you liking the transition to Southern Belle? Have a great day!