Monday, May 21, 2012


What to Expecting When You're Expecting
The only reason I was able to convince the boy to see this was because the other movies opening this weekend (The Dictator and Battleship) both looked like they were going to be awful. But while we still both agree that this was the best choice, this one also wound up being pretty bad.

Yes, were good jokes and great lines, quite a bit even. But just stringing together random jokes doesn't quite make a movie. Although being that this was an adaption of a self-help book, it isn't that surprising.

There are 5 expecting moms in this and through them we're able to see a wide range of pregnancy symptoms and feelings. There are those who've have been trying to get pregnant, who got pregnant as mistake, who are miserable throughout the pregnancy, who love every aspect of being pregnant. And it even tackles adoption and miscarriage.

If you're looking for a superlong infomercial of what pregnancy is like, then you've found what you're looking for. But as a movie, while it did have its moments, it didn't quite work.

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