Thursday, May 3, 2012

Color Pop

There's a new-ish trend in weddings that involve the bride wearing a pop of color that I definitely plan on joining. To start with I absolutely love the idea of wearing a colored crinoline under my dress.

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I would love to be able to pull this off an make it happen. My only concern is I'm not sure what type of shoe I'd wear that would match this. (Is is any coincidence both these brides have on cowboy books?) But while I love the idea of a colored crinoline, I feel that for me, colored shoes are slightly more practical.

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I would love to do blue shoes, to match the bridesmaid dresses. Plus that would take care of my something blue as well.

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I guess all that's left now is to actually find and buy the perfect shoe. But until then, here's a few more of my favorite shoe shots.

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Are you planning on adding a pop of color to your wedding look? And do you prefer the look of a colored crinoline or pair of colored shoes? Or do you think one could pull both off?


  1. I definitely would want to wear a pair of colored shoes with my wedding gown. I don't think I will have a crinoline as I think I will have a really simple dress... but who knows what I will actually enjoy up liking when/if I get married!

  2. I wore blue sparkly flip flops. They were one of my first wedding purchases.
    I didn't wear a crinoline but I would have liked to have the a colored one.

  3. I'm definitely going to wear some colorful shoes! I think the idea of a crinoline is pretty too! It might be more special and stand out more if you have only one thing with a pop of color rather than combining both.

  4. I'm scoping out some fun shoes! Expect an email! xoxo

  5. I am wearing yellow shoes! They are SO comfortable with just a small heel. Nina Culver wedding pumps - they come in LOTS of colours! I got mine off of amazon!

  6. I wore colored shoes and they made me very happy - a big fluffy dress didn't necessarily feel like "me" but purple shoes totally did. I got tons of compliments on them; most brides around here wear white shoes so the pop of color seemed unique (even though to wedding-website-addicted me, it didn't).

    I think a colored crinoline and colored shoes would be amazing, if the shades of blue were the same.

  7. I like both shoes and crinoline, I think it depends on the colour and other factors like the dress and shoe style as to what looks best. I didn't have any colour pop, though thinking about it now a red pair of shoes would've looked good

  8. I would go for the color shoes but that's just me. I think either way, you'll look great!