Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Showered with Love

I know you've all been waiting with baited breath, but finally, I have the photos from my shower out in California!
Here Comes the Bride
Not the brightest picture, but you can see the dress I wore, plus the chair where I sat to open presents.
The shower was hosted by my MOH with her mom, and her mom's home. There were about 15 of some of my closest family and friends there to celebrate with me. As people started arriving we had appetizers and sangria for everyone to enjoy while mingling.
Me & my MOH with our glasses of sangria.
Once everybody had arrived we sat outside to play games. There was a crossword puzzle made up of answers about me and the boy. (Any guesses as to my favorite band or food? Or the class in which the boy and I met?) Surprisingly, some of the questions even stumped me. At least at first.
Not during the games, but it is one of the few pictures I have outside.
For the second game we played a version of the newlywed game. My MOH had e-mailed the boy several questions where I was supposed to guess his response. I don't know how many questions I got right, but that's probably a good thing. Although there were a few amusing answers, like the boy's response to who he'd like to met. He said I would guess Stevie Ray Vaughan (which I did), but it was actually the mathematician Leonhard Euler.
Me & 2 of my bridesmaids with our rings... at least for the day.
After games we moved inside for lunch and to open presents. Since the shower was in Southern California and the boy & I live in Louisiana, my MOH asked guests to include a picture or a note of the gift into the card. This meant that in the days leading up to my trip I was getting boxes in the mail. But to keep the surprise, didn't open a single one. That way each time I opened a card I had no idea what to expect.
Kitchen Aid Mixer
Yes, this is me opening my new Kitchenaid Mixer. Not quite the picture you're used to seeing, right?
But even with the restriction people had fun with it. If you look at the picture below you can see me opening a box, I believe from one of my aunts, but the only thing inside was a bunch of tissue paper and a picture of the gift.
You know that any shower for me had to have dessert. First there was cake brought by my godmother.
Bridal Shower Cake
But on top of that there was even a candy bar!
Candy Buffet
I snacked on this not just at the actual shower, but throughout the entire weekend.
I wound up having the best time, and am so grateful and thankful for everyone that attended and made it all happen. But more than that being at my shower and having people asking me questions and waiting to know all the details, suddenly make the actual wedding feel real. At the party it really started to hit me that in less than 4 months the boy and I will be married, and I know the time will just fly by.

Did anyone else's shower make them realize just how close their wedding actually was? And any guesses as to which candy I kept going back for?


  1. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing! I love the candy bar!

  2. Aw! I love your dress & the pics. I also love your MOH's hair. Gorgeous! Haha. YAY for a kitchenaid mixer! Woohoo!!

    Four months! Might seem like forever, but it will be here soon!

  3. Those pictures are wonderful - you look beautiful! As does your MOH! What a fun celebration. I am glad your shower made everything seem so real. I imagine a lot of your wedding planning as been done in a sort of fog given everything that has happened in the last 6 months... so I am glad you got to experience some wedding excitement and anticipation!

  4. What fun! The candy bar is a great idea.

  5. It looks like you had so much fun! I love your dress!

  6. Your shower looks GREAT! I love that your MOH asked people to only include photos of the gift and then ship the gift directly to you! I wish we'd done that for my shower in January, instead WE ended up shipping a lot of the new gifts down that we couldn't take back on the plane!

  7. Very sweet shower! Lobed the dress and the candy bar- that would have been my Favorite! I am a sucker for candy. Is your wedding going to be in New Orleans/baton Rouge? Or California? I remember my shower like yesterday :)

  8. It looks and sounds like it was a great time! I love all of that candy on the candy bar. How fun!