Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Got the Blues

It took a few tries, but Amber was the first to guess our dress. As for the big reveal, this is the bridesmaid dress for our wedding...

Official it's Dessy Collection Style 2860, and this is the description off their website, which can be found at the link above.

"Fabric: Lux Chiffon
Strapless full length lux chiffon dress with inset matching matte satin belt at natural waist. Shirred detail on bodice and skirt."
I had actually planned on the dress above in that exact color, which is midnight. At least until I took a look at the color swatches. And well, midnight in person, is dark, as in almost black. I guess as you would expect midnight to be. I started instead to think about the dress in sailor.
This is a comparison of the midnight to sailor. It is a little blurry, but it's the best picture I have that reflects the way the color looked in person. Except I kept going back and forth because on most pictures I took comparing the two fabric swatches, the midnight looked just like it did on the model, which was exactly the color I wanted.
I told myself that I could go with midnight because in pictures it would look great. Then I had a bit of a reality check, because after all, isn't the wedding as it's happening a little more important than the way it looks in pictures? With common sense making the decision, I decided to instead go with sailor as our dress color, bring us to the actual dress my bridesmaid will be wearing.

Did you wind up second guessing your color choice? Also, have you ever had the slightly ridiculous dilemma where you worry more about how things will look in pictures than about how it actually happens?


  1. this is a great color! it is a very similar color to what my sister chose for her dresses.

  2. I love the dress you chose! I got to wear a floor-length bridesmaid's dress for a friend's wedding and I loved it- it made me feel so elegant and princess-like.

  3. Oh yay I love that dress! It is so beautiful. I think you did a good job on the colour choice too!

  4. My color choice was easy. I knew right off the bat that I wanted my bridesmaids in black and luckily black only comes in one shade ;)

  5. I don't think you are the only one. I always wonder how things will look in photos.

  6. Love the dress! I didnt second guess colors because I used four different colors.