Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tales of the 4th

Over the long 4th of July weekend, we spent time out in Destin, Florida.
Entering Florida
We were hoping for a relaxing time at the beach, except it rained everyday we were there, which meant we spent most of the time in our condo.
Our Condo Bedroom
Although I guess we did leave the condo, just didn't spent that much time on the beach. On Thursday, the actual 4th, we spent time shopping at the outlets. For lunch that day the boy and I stopped at Panera, so I could get my fix. (Panera still hasn't opened up in Baton Rouge, although I keep hearing rumors about one.)
I did branch out a little and try something new with the Thai Chicken Salad (good, but I think I like the Asian Chicken more), and a Mediterranean sandwich (ok, but I'd don't see myself ordering again). Of course had to have their French Onion Soup, and still consider it to be the best French Onion Soup out there.

Friday morning we spent wine tasting, although honestly not a bad way to spent a rainy morning.
Without beach friendly weather... off to wine tasting.
Saturday, I finally made it out to the beach!
Except it was still cold and overcast out, and when it started drizzling, I stopped my "tanning session." (Which I'm not sure can be called tanning without any sun.) But I did stop at the pool on the way back, since after all, if you're already wet from the pool, do you even notice the rain?
At least I'm sure that's what my niece thought.
That night we went out for dinner at Hammerhead's where I had shrimp tacos.
Shrimp Tacos
The tacos were good, although the whole meal felt a little overly tourist-y. But speaking of tourist-y, the kids got to experience the benefit of being a tourist on vacation, and both had a turn on the giant trampolines.
I only wish these things were bigger back when I was little!
Sunday morning, on our last day in Florida, we finally woke up to sun. Great timing right? But at least we did get to spent some time at the pool before starting the long drive back.
And the boy and I even managed a photo together.
Last Day at the Beach
It may not have been the perfect beach trip, but even so still had a good escape from everyday life. (And still maybe even better than our last beach trip where we wound up with food poisoning!)

Have you ever been on a vacation where the weather just didn't cooperate? I do remember going camping once in the summer growing up where we experienced rain, hail, and snow in a single week!


  1. Oh that is a huge bummer that it was so rainy while you were there. Sounds like you made the most of it, but that is definitely not ideal. :( I can't really think of any vacations that were foiled by the weather, but I have had plenty of weeks at the lake where all it did was rain which sucks as the whole reason I go to the lake is to be outdoors!

    1. Exactly! I did still get reading and lounging down indoors, but I could just as easily do that at home. If I'm at the beach I'd much rather be spending my time outdoors.

  2. another blogger I read recently went to destin too. I hadn't heard of it before - florida is so big! too bad it rained for your trip, but sounds like a fun time anyway!

    1. I hadn't heard of it before living in Louisiana, but it seems to be the place everybody in Louisiana heads to over the summer. And from what I've seen on other blogs as well, it's big throughout the South in general. It helps that it's just past the Florida border, plus it has absolutely gorgeous white sand beaches.

  3. Oh no! There is nothing worse than being on a beach trip and it raining. It looks and sounds like you made the best of it though!

    1. I know, right?!?! But at least it worked out, although I told the boy we may need to take another trip to the beach this summer to truly be able to experience it.