Monday, July 8, 2013

Back to School

Monsters University
I'm pretty sure I've loved every single Pixar movie, so I had no doubts going into this. I definitely wasn't let down, although I'm not quite sure how child-friendly it is. Although I'm guessing most of the points that made me the most uncomfortable (mainly a Carrie-esque scene) would have gone right over most heads.

My favorite head the be the beginning where we see an elementary school aged Mike Wazowski and the reason he dreams of attending Monsters University. He was adorable, and I think a Disney Jr. themed shows following the adventures of that Mike would be one I'd want to watch.

The movie did seem to be a little scary though, especially considering its audience, although maybe not too surprising since it's a movie about monsters. There was one scene close to the end that was scary for both the monsters and the humans that had me a little on edge. Not to mentioned the Carrie moment previously mentioned.

I had a lot of fun, although I'm not sure all the families watching with us did. I do remember what felt like a mass exodus of people before the movie ending, and while the boy and I commented on it to each other, neither one knew what was going on.

So again, definitely a fun movie, but depending on the kid, I'd be a little wary about taking them to it.


  1. I find almost all the Disney movies to be scary! and my kids are scared of everything. so I don't know if they'd like monsters u!

  2. I loved Monsters Inc. so much - it's one of the few animated movies that brings a tear to my eye with its genuine sweetness. I'm looking forward to seeing Monsters U but disappointed to hear that it's maybe not as warm and fuzzy.

  3. I am so exciting to see this!

  4. That's really interesting - everybody in the theater I was in adored it, laughing the whole time and applauding at the end :) I enjoyed Monster's Inc. but don't usually spend money on "kid movies" in theaters. So glad I did for this one!

  5. I'm so excited to see this! My son is completely obsessed with Monsters Inc... though he's only 20 months, so we will not be seeing this in the theater, that's for sure. :D Maybe once it comes out on dvd I will pick up a copy. So fun!