Thursday, February 7, 2013

From Miss to Mrs: Programming Break

I've gone on and on about our wedding programs without actually showing you what they look like. At least till now! As a guest would read the program before the ceremony starts, before I start my ceremony recaps, finally, here our are programs!
00300 - Copy
The only professional photo I have of the inside of our programs, and the pages are stapled in the wrong order
I got the basic idea of the programs, of using vellum paper as the cover from Mrs. Pony of Weddingbee. Which worked out since we had several sheets of vellum left over from our invitations. The inside of the program was computer paper, of which we also had a ton. And while computer paper isn't that fancy, the vellum did at least dress it up.
personal photo
The flower graphic was a free piece of clip-art included in my version of Word. Although I believe I changed the color and played with the shading. And since the flowers were printed on the vellum itself, it meant when you turned the page...
personal photo were left with our title page. As well as the outline of the flowers on the back of the cover.
personal photo
The next two pages showed the names of our families (at least those in the processional), as well as members of the wedding party. (Names have been edited for privacy.) I may have gone a little overboard describing exactly how each bridesmaid and groomsmen knew us, but I'm always curious about that information, and figured at least some of our guests would appreciate it.
personal photo
The next page had a basic outline of the ceremony (which I'll describe in more detail in my ceremony posts). Again of course, I wanted to make sure to describe just how those speaking were connected to us.
personal photo
A lot of the wording regarding Jewish traditions I borrowed from Weddingbee's Mrs. Cream Puff. I also googled a few traditions for descriptions, and likely found some off as well. (If the print is too small, feel free to click on the photo for a closer view.)
personal photo
I was inspired by Mrs. Tartlet of Weddingbee to include a menu in the programs as well. I loved the idea of including menus on the table for plated receptions, but since we were serving a buffet, I thought this made the most sense. And it gave our guests the chance to get excited for all the delicious food to come.
personal photo
Again on the last pages I borrowed from Weddingbee bloggers using Mrs. Pretzel's Thank You and Mrs. Elephant's In Remembrance page for my mother, whose funeral was barely 10 months before our wedding.
personal photo
The last page had the photo from our STD, and on the opposite side you could see out moo card. I had about 4 different cards that I rotated throughout, and just to prove it...
personal photo
... here's a second version.
personal photo
Closing the program, you could see our photo through the vellum, but now saw the side of the MOO card with our photo sharing instructions. (Which unfortunately, wasn't used nearly as much as I had hoped.)
personal photo
Since I know you must be curious on how these stayed together, I did take the "easy way" and just staple them, but did at least use blue staples. (Although I realize it's hard to tell from the photo itself.)

What type of programs, if any, did you have at your wedding? Or what's your feeling on having descriptions of the wedding party in the programs?

All photos in this post unless otherwise noted courtesy of Sabree Hill Photography.

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  1. I had a program that just explained the Jewish traditions. I regret that I did not include who was who in the wedding party! I got married before most of my friends and I did not realize I should have included that!

  2. They came out great! I'm so impressed by how much you did yourself - what a special personal touch to have done!