Thursday, February 14, 2013

From Miss to Mrs: The Processional

Now that you've read the programs, it's officially time to start the recaps of our wedding ceremony! To get our guests' attention that the ceremony was starting, the boy's second cousin rang the large bell on the lawn.
From there, the boy and our rabbi took their positions.
For those curious this is the first indication we didn't have a completely traditional Jewish ceremony. There were a lot of Jewish aspects, but given that they boy is Catholic, there were a few things he would have preferred not to do. So while the groom is also escorted down the aisle with his parents in Jewish wedding, instead the boy wanted to walk down to the front first thing with our rabbi.
At this point, while my brother escorted our grandmother down the aisle, the music started playing. I couldn't decide what I wanted here, and made a choice the night before our deadline to the DJ. And while I do still love the song we picked I wish I would have chosen another.
I really thought about using the Glasgow Love Theme from Love Actually. But I associate the song with the depressing scene in the movie where Keira Knightley watches the video from her wedding. So while it is a love theme, it brought up depressing memories up for me. Which is why the boy's parents aren't walking to it. (Although part of me lives vicariously through Nora would did actually use that song to walk down the aisle.)
Instead what bridesmaid Chicago and my brother, along with everyone else, walked down the aisle to was "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables. Now considering I didn't want to use the Glasgow Love Theme because it was depressing, the fact that I picked a song that start hopeful yet ends depressing ("Now life has killed the dream I dreamed,") well, part of me wishes I had just gone with the Glasgow Love Theme.
To compound the problem, I had requested an instrumental version of the song. But instead the song my SIL and her husband are walking to had lyrics. Considering all the issues with the hurricane it really wasn't the biggest of deal. As it was my DJ called saying we wanting to know why we hadn't paid a few days before the wedding. Except we had, but without power he wasn't able to use his computer to check. So again, with all the things that could have gone wrong, playing the wrong version of the song I chose isn't really that bad.
Although if I had the chance to pick again, I still would have used the Glasgow Love Theme. But since these are just pictures, if you want to, you can picture Bridesmaid NYC and one of the boy's friends from high school walking down to that.
Finally we have my MOH and Best Man. Looking through these pictures though, I really wish I had told everyone to look up as they were walking. Or at least look up once they made it down the stairs.
Finally to end the processional were the flower girl and ring bearer, our niece and nephew, who cuteness definitely deserves a second photo.
Did you wind up regretting any of your music choices or have any mistakes with the music you chose?

All photos in this post courtesy of Sabree Hill Photography.

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  1. one song we used was a mistake because my nephews told me they didn't want to walk down to it and I told the band to change it but I guess they forgot. it worked out ok anyway though.

  2. Those bridesmaid dresses are beautiful! They could even get them altered for a pretty cocktail dress!

  3. I bet people loved the music choices though! I still love love love those dresses!

  4. I got married in church (i'm Catholic) and had very specific (and recommended) music in mind for my processional- Canon in D for the moms and my grandmother- and then Pachelbel's Water Music for the bridal party. My processional was the Trumpet Voluntary. I was very specific! LOL