Friday, February 15, 2013

Angel of Mine

Fallen by Laury Falter
In the past year or so I've read several different angel books. It's fun to read how each other takes the same basic themes, mostly from the Bible, and spins it into their own story. Since they're using the same basic source material, there are similarities, but each one I've read has enough difference to make them stand out on their own.

On aspect I loved about Fallen was that it takes place in New Orleans. I really felt like Laury was really able to make Louisiana come alive. Part of that might be due to the fact I'm familiar with the area, but I still felt like I was in Jackson Square with Maggie.

Although being familiar with the area and culture isn't always a good thing, and is what led to my biggest pet peeve with the story. On Maggie's first day at a New Orleans private school she calls her teacher "sir." He responds back saying, "And don't call me 'sir'. I'm not a police officer." Except after living here, I know it's far more likely that a teacher would reprimand a student if they didn't use the word sir. (Something I learned the hard way when I moved here.) Now I realize this is picky, and something most people would never notice. But with that one line, the book lost a bit of the authentic Louisiana feel for me.

Even with my mild complaint, I still really enjoyed this one. I loved Maggie, her roommates, schoolmates, and love interest. I only wish I got to know them better. This is a trilogy, so I'm hopeful that in the books to come I learn a little more of their stories. I loved mixing the angel mythology with the Louisiana culture, and am excited to see where Maggie's adventures take her next.


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  1. I've actually been wanting to read this book but my local library doesn't have it. :(

  2. the setting sounds interesting

  3. I hadn't heard of this one before! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This novel would be fascinating. thanks. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. I would like to read a good angel novel. I am usually caught up in vampire novels.

  6. just finished reading it! thanks for the giveaway!