Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sushi Hearts

The boy and I have never made a big deal of Valentine's Day. The first year we were dating the boy told me he had made no plans, which I thought meant he was going to surprise me with something. Turns out he really made no plans but we still wound up going to dinner (Macaroni Grill, I think) and a movie (Music and Lyrics). This year we actually tried to make reservations, except everywhere we went was booked. So instead we went to our local sushi place, Geisha, which didn't even take reservations.

We had what we call our usuals. I had the house salad with ginger dressing.
House Salad
I actually alternate between this and miso soup, which actually come with the boy's meal. But since he isn't a fan of salad or soup, I'm willing to eat that part!
Tuna Tataki
We split a plate of tuna tataki, and I got my nigiri sampler plate. (It's pretty much the exact same meal blogged here almost two years ago.)
Nigiri Sampler
The boy also got a tuna roll. He claims they just had trouble rolling it, but I'm pretty sure they intentionally tried to make little tuna hearts.
Valentine's Sushi
After dinner we went to see a movie, although you'll have to wait till tomorrow's post to see which one.

As for presents, I bought the boy I leather bag to use to take to his classes, whereas he bought me a new set of sheets from Pottery Barn (since we never received the sheets for which we registered.)
Valentine's Present Sheets
Any guesses as to the movie we decided to see? And do you think the sushi hearts are intentional?


  1. Mm that sushi looks great! Sounds like a perfect V-day!

  2. We went to Geisha a couple of weeks ago and really liked it. Glad you had fun. And nice sheets! ♥

  3. I definitely think the sushi hearts were intentional. It looks like you had a great time. I haven't had sushi for awhile. I'm pretty sure that I need to change that!

  4. Love those sheets. And the tuna hearts definitely look intentional to me!

  5. Sushi!!!! I think the hearts were intentional!