Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome to LA

We don't have our pro pictures back yet, but less the two weeks from the wedding I wouldn't expect to yet. But it works out anyway, because there's still a few projects from before the wedding that I haven't had a chance to share yet. Enter...
Welcome Bag
The Welcome Bags!
I bought 2 packs of these bags from Michael's. Along with the polka dots, there were stripes, as well as a damask print. The label was made using word, using the same basic method from our invitation wrap-around labels.
Welcome Back Contents
As for the goodies, I started off planning to include Louisiana themed products, but wound up using items on sale. Included are a bag of Zapps Cajun Crawtators (aka the main Louisiana item), 2 bottles of water, 2 bags of cookies, 2 granola bars, a pack of tissue, and included in the purple pouch are mints and bazooka gum. Also included in the bags were a blue and purple string of Mardi Gras beads (aka the other Louisiana touch).
I realize the it isn't the easier to read the wording here, but if you click on it, it will let you zoom in. I pulled a lot of the wording from Mrs. Brooch's welcome letter. At the bottom was a brief schedule of the weekend, showing the time of the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, day after brunch, and of course the wedding itself.
The second page was a map to Houmas House, using the same basic map from the invitations. The directions themselves were pulled directly from our venues website, and slightly customized based on the hotels people were staying at.
The third page was a map of Baton Rouge, with a few suggestions of things to do and restaurant recommendations. Basically a smaller version of the suggestions I had listed on our wedding website.
And the last page was a list of directions to brunch which was at the home of the boy's sister and husband (Officially now my Sister & Brother-in-laws).
The original plan was to drop these off at hotels and have them waiting for guests. But with a hurricane hitting only days before the wedding, we weren't really driving around town to drop them off. Although at one point sent my dad to a hotel with a few bags, but due to some miscommunication they were never actually left at the front desk. Although in the end, it didn't really matter and I think everybody did wind up with a welcome bag. I think if we had a large wedding with more bags haphazardly handing them to people as we saw them wouldn't have worked, but considering the circumstance there wasn't really an issue.

Have you ever been to a wedding where you've received a welcome bag? (The answer for me is still a no.) And if you have, or even if you haven't, what's something that you'd love to receive in one?


  1. I have received a welcome bag a handful of times! I always appreciate the inclusion of water as well as the small travel packets of advil and it seems like it's inevitable that everyone wakes up the day after with a head ache. :) I also have had some friends include a local treat called "chippers". They are chocolate covered potato chips (sound odd but they are so yummy), which were really popular in my college town. They are hard to come by as they are not sold many places, so I always get excited when college friends include them in their welcome bags!

    Your welcome bags are really cute!!

  2. I only received a welcome bag once. It was very similar to yours. We didn't do welcome bags because we had few out of town guests.

  3. We made welcome bags for our guests but had trouble delivering them on time. With all the craziness of last minute things to get done there are a few people we just had to hand them too. Not ideal but oh well, it got the job done! Yours were really cute!!

  4. I love that you gave out of towners a welcome treat!

  5. I got a welcome bag at a wedding I traveled to Philadelphia from Virginia for. Our bags had chocolates and a cute note from the bride's mom in them. I thought it was a really nice gesture and wanted to do something similar but none of my out of town guests booked hotel rooms- they all went home after the wedding!