Tuesday, September 18, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: There's a Hurricane Coming?

As of the Sunday before the wedding, no one even suspected that a hurricane was on it's way. But by the time I was at work on Monday everyone knew that Isaac was on it's way. Monday at work was a blur, with everyone pulling up NOAA's hurricane tracking trying to figure out just exactly we would be hit (it was looking like Tuesday night), and when if at all, we'd be closing the office for the hurricane.

I took an early lunch because I needed to stop at Michael's and if there were closing early. Thankfully they were still open when I went by. They had moved all of they normal sale items indoors and had covered most of the glass window panes with metal paneling. Surprisingly there were quite a few people inside Michael's, I guess people just needed to pick up their emergency craft supplies. But I managed to pick up boxes for the groomsmen's gifts, wrapping paper, and coloring books and crayons to add to the flower girl & ring bearer gifts before heading back to work.

Finally around 4pm our office sent out an e-mail saying that we would be open on Tuesday but we'd be closing early. That is, early for those that normally worked till 8:30 pm, since we'd be closing at 5pm. Although since I normally leave a 5pm anyway, it didn't really impact me.

On the way home from work I stopped off at Target for yet another errand, this time picking up wrapping paper for our card box, which was half assembled and needed more of the matching paper. Target was pretty much gutted of necessities at this point, but I managed to pick up a few things, mainly a loaf of cheese focaccia (basically the only bread left in the store), a box of granola bars, and a bag of potato chips.

My dad was actually already in town at this point. He had flown in a week before the wedding and was planning on doing tourist-y things much of the time. He actually planed to be in Grand Isle Monday night, except Grand Isle was under evacuation, so instead, my dad was already waiting for me at the house when I got home.

And once I was there I went through a few more hurricane preparations. I filled up as many water bottles as I could find and threw them in the fridge. I started a load of laundry. And I started printing anything I could think of for the wedding, mainly copies of the wedding day schedule, copies of the ceremony, and pages of the program. I knew with Hurricane Gustav we were out of power for almost a week, and if something similar happened with Isaac, Monday night could be the last night I'd have with a printer before the wedding. And since you must be wondering, in all this madness my hair dresser did call me to officially cancel our Wednesday appointment.

If you were having to prepare for a hurricane what necessities would you pick up before the storm? (I'm guessing I was probably the only one at Target that day buying wrapping paper hours before a hurricane.)


  1. Loving the recaps. So crazy, girl!! We actually went to Walmart on Sunday & got groceries. And to the gas station for gas. I was so glad about the gas b/c Monday is when the pumps were running out & ppl were waiting for hours to fill up! But the groceries... well i got a lot of dairy stuff not realizing a hurricane was coming! We had to throw most of it out after being w/o electricity for 3 days.

    To prepare we didn't get much. Just made sure we had flashlights, batteries, candles & water. And we already had those things!

  2. I was in Houston when Hurricane Ike hit. We bought bread, peanut butter, water, jelly, and like 10 lbs of green peppers. I bought them since I knew I'd crave veggies and I could eat them without cooking them. We had no electricity for 3 days and I ate like 100 pb&j's. I couldn't eat pb&j's for over a year after that.
    Most other shoppers bought beer!

  3. Omg that is so crazy. I have never lived anywhere that has hurricanes so I've never had to deal with it before. I don't know what I'd do!

    You are such a trooper for dealing with this the week before your wedding AND it sounds like you were quite cool and collected about the whole thing!

  4. Wow. I can not imagine dealing with hurricane preparation on top of the stress of that final week before the wedding! You handled it so well! Bummer about your hair appt being cancelled, though!!!

  5. When I got married 10 years ago, a tropical storm came the night of my rehearsal dinner and we spent the day before our wedding watching our street flooding go down!

    I would never trade it, though... Makes for funny wedding stories! Lol