Monday, September 17, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: The Calm Before the Storm

Our photographer is officially finished editing our photos! She's uploaded them to an online gallery, and in addition proofs asand digital files are in the mail. Which means, it's time to start the wedding recaps! As a fair warning, I am going to draw these out as LOOOONG as possible. So if you're not into wedding recaps, you may want to make yourself scare the next few weeks, but really, who isn't a fan of recaps?

To make sure you understand all the craziness leading up to the wedding we're going to go back to a week before the wedding on Sunday, when I met the boy's mom at his sister's house for my dress fitting. The dress I tried on at the store fit me almost perfectly, but while I did order a new one from the designer, I did know that there wasn't a lot of alterations to be done.

I tried it on along with my shoes and veil (the shoes a necessity, the veil for fun to see how it would all come together), and it was determined that it needed to be hemmed an inch or two, and brought in slightly in the chest. And in addition the boy's mom, or officially now my mother-in-law, added a small loop toward the bottom of the dress so it could be bustled by attaching it to one of the buttons.

While I tried my dress on, the boy's my niece decided she also needed to try her dress on so we could match. And she grabbed a basket and started throwing pretend flowers around the living room to practice her flower girl walk.

We talked about the hurricane that was in the gulf, and how it was definitely on its way to hit Florida. My mother-in-law mentioned that she had a hair appointment on Wednesday early afternoon, and I let her know that a few hours later I had my own hair appointment. Except at the time, we truly had no idea that there was no way we'd be making those appointments.

How did the last weekend before your wedding turn out? And does anyone have any guesses whether I actually managed to get in a hair appointment before the wedding?


  1. No, you couldn't have made the appt on Wednesday! I'm assuming the hair place didn't have electricity?! I'm totally cheating since i have the advantage of living here! LOL.

  2. I can't even imagine having to deal with that kind of weather the weekend of your wedding !

  3. The week before my wedding was such a blur. Hmmm. I remember feeling pretty stressed but also having A LOT of fun as Eric's cousins and my good friend from Newfoundland was staying with us. I also spent two days before my wedding in Vancouver and had a lot of fun spending time with family and friends then!

  4. Oh girl I feel for you, the weeks leading to mine were a hot mess!