Thursday, September 27, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: After the Storm

We woke up Thursday morning to sunny skies. At least I remember them being sunny, but what was more important was the hurricane had past. I was anxious to get back to the house so I could finish the final projects, except we had no idea if we had power and I didn't want to be somewhere without air conditioning. So we spent the morning at the boy's parents' house watching the news and basically wasting time in hopes the electricity company would get to work. Around 11 or so, we finally decided to make the trek back home.

The entrance into our neighborhood was a bit flooded. And if the we had been driving either mine or the boy's tiny cars we probably couldn't have made it through. But my dad's large rental car was high enough, and make it back to our house, which most important did NOT have a tree fall on it. (From what I saw all of the houses in our neighborhood were fine, but we did drive by a tree on top of a house on the way back.)

And once we got back to our house we were excited to see we also had power! Based on the time on the stove and the density of the ice cream in the fridge, it looked like power had been on for about an hour, which meant our house was without for about 24 hours. So while the boy started picking up branches in the backyard I emptied the fridge. After 24 hours we probably didn't need to completely clean out the fridge, except it had been forever since we had gone through it. So instead I used it as a chance to deep clean, and once finished started picking up branches as well.
Backyard After Isaac
These are some of the branches in our backyard, which really doesn't look that bad. There are one or two big ones, but really nothing crazy.
Post Hurricane Isaac
On the other hand, this is what the other side of our backyard looked like. Normally when it rains it floods our neighbors' yards, but this is the first time I've seen what our yard looked so flooded. Although a few hours later it had completely receded.

The rest of Thursday is pretty much a blur, but I do remember that Thursday is when several of my friends and family had their flight. Not to Baton Rouge or New Orleans, but they were closer than California. I had some in Lake Charles, Louisiana who were planning on driving to Baton Rouge the following morning, and other in Dallas who were planning on flying into New Orleans on Friday. Basically everything was starting to come together.

How does your backyard, or neighborhood, hold up in rainy weather? Or have you ever been flooded in, or even out, of your home?

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