Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: Weathering the 'Cane

I woke up Wednesday morning expecting to be without power and in the middle of a hurricane. Except while it was raining outside we still had electricy. So I made myself a cup of coffee, wasted some time on the internet, and got to work of finishing up projects.

Unfortunatly not too long after I started we did wind up loosing power. So I lit a candle and continued on making programs.
Making Programs by Candlelight
The boy started complaining about being bored and having nothing to do, so I put him to work wrapping presents for the bridal party, alphabetizing our escort cards, and making a card box.
Card Box
Now I had actually attempted making a card box, but since it was such an epic fail the boy agreed to remake it. Seriously, the slit for the cards was all jagged on my version, the wrapping paper was ripped, and it truly was a disaster. So much so that not a picture exists of it. But thankfully the boy was able to save me here and create a card box that was presentable.

Wednesday afternoon is also when the calls started to come in that Thursday's flights into Louisiana were canceled. It took several phone calls to various airlines, but the end people had rescheduled to fly into Dallas or Lake Charles, and then planned on driving or flying into Baton Rouge on Friday.

After about an hour without power, with no idea when we'd be getting power back, we drove over to the boy's parents' house, who still had power. I beleive at this point Isaac had been downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm, but there still was quite a bit of wind and rain outside. We would have liked to wait until things died down a little more, but would rather leave while it was still light out, then drive in the dark. Surprisingly we were by no means the only car on the road. A lot of those were police cars, but most looked to be normal people like us.

My in-laws kept power throughout the night, through the entire storm even. And once there we played a few games of Settlers of Catan and had gumbo for dinner.

Has anyone else ever resorted to doing diys by candlelight? Or would you be willing to drive through a hurricane if it meant that you had access to electricity?

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  1. It would depend. I went to school in a tropical storm once (no joke, I wore two raincoats and had an umbrella and STILL got soaked waiting for the bus!) so I'm not particularly scared of cat 1 hurricanes or tropical storms. I would've driven to electricity in your situation, no doubt!

  2. Program-making by candlelight, now that is dedication! The boy's card box looks great.

  3. His card box turned out great! When we lost power for 3 days this summer, I did so much in the candle light! It was the heat that was really getting us though.