Monday, September 24, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: Here Comes Isaac

As quickly as Monday flew by at work, Tuesday crawled. By now everyone knew the hurricane was coming, and everybody was just ready to be home getting ready. And for me, I was ready to get home to finish off the final wedding projects.

I did talk to my DJ on Tuesday and we quickly went over the songs I had chosen for all our big moments. We did confirm that the wedding was definitely on, and that we'd be in touch after the storm.

On my lunch break I did stop by Michael's to pick up a few last minutes items. (Now I realize in my last post I said I went to Michael's on Monday. Except what I meant to write is that Monday I stopped by our florist to drop off my handkerchief to be wrapped around my bouquet. I promise that Tuesday is really when I stopped by Michael's, and then Smoothie King for something quick to eat. Basically what I'm saying is it's barely been three weeks and I'm already getting details wrong. But thankfully I'm here blogging it all, so years down the line I'll be able to say my last pre-wedding Michael's trip was Tuesday not Monday.)

Also on the topic of things I forgot to blog about, Monday was also spent on the phone with various friends and family going over their flight plans. I actually had about 10 people who were supposed to fly in on Wednesday. Except since Isaac was supposed to hit Wednesday morning I advised everyone to move their flights to Thursday. That probably would have been fine, if Isaac hadn't decided to slow down to 6mph, and push the estimated landfall from late Tuesday night to early Wednesday. Basically what I'm trying to say is I spent most of the day wondering when or even if people would actually be able to fly in.

I finally got home from work to the house to see the boy and my dad. Since the boy's work had been canceled that day the two had been hanging out all day. And by hanging out I mean the boy had spent the day on his PlayStation, and my dad had spent the day on his ipad.

My dad made spaghetti for dinner, and afterwards I wrote this post and tried to escort cards inspired by this image.

Except the Martha Steward punch I was using was strong enough to punch through the two layers of card stock. I spent far too long obsessing over this, and even had the boy try to help fix it. I finally settled for punching the sides of the cards instead and went to bed expecting to wake up to a hurricane.

Did you leave as tasks till only just before the wedding to discover they wouldn't quite come together just the way you've wanted?

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  1. I think they turned out great though! I can't imagine trying to do all of that in a storm!