Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Forgotten Food

With all the craziness leading up to the wedding, there's some things I wanted to post about, things that are non-wedding related, that kind of fell through the cracks. And while part of me feels silly posting about them know, it really hasn't been that long since they happened. It's just more that it seems so long ago because so much happened with the wedding. After that build up, you're probably expecting something crazy, except all it really is, is a few fun cooking adventures I didn't have the chance to post before now.
Nicoise Salade
The boy will tell you that calling this cooking is cheating. But it's a Nicoise Salade which was one of my mom's go-to lazy meals. And I did actually have to cook the potatoes, green beans, and eggs so there is some cooking. Plus it's pretty much the perfect summer meal, and it looks so pretty on a dish.
Christmas Cookies in July Ice Cream
So again, not really cooking but still delicious. This is Bluebell's Christmas Cookies in July ice cream. So delicious, and it even managed to survive the hurricane.
Salibury Steak
Finally some actual cooking! The boy told me her was craving Salisbury steak, so I went to the pioneer woman to find a recipe. This turned out really good, although next time I would probably chop up those giant mushrooms.
Lamb Shanks with Orzo
Another somewhat cheat, although not due to lack of cooking, but due to lack of cooking for me. This is actually the boy's dish for this past weekend's LSU game against Washington. He made lamb shanks over a bed of orzo. Technically I did roast the asparagus, although Whole Foods had already prepped and seasoned it, but in my opinion, still counts as me cooking.

How many of these would you say count as me actually cooking? (Here's hoping for all four!) And do you have a go-to lazy meal to make?


  1. I would count all 4 :) I rarely cook - I would say I cook once a week and then live on the leftovers or eat random things like microwaved baked potatoes!

    Nicoise salad is my most favorite salad!!

  2. I've tried to make salsbury steak once and it was not delicious. I should have used Ree's recipe. Looks yummy.