Friday, August 19, 2011

The True Story?

O, Juliet by Robin Maxwell
I've read Robin Maxwell's books before and enjoyed them each time. (I think the first of hers I read was To the Tower Born right after college graduation.) But I actually picked this one up based on only the title and summary, it was only after I purchased it that I realized who the author was.

In case you couldn't guess from the title of this, it's a historical retelling of Romeo & Juliet. It takes place in 15th century Italy and almost reads as if it is the true story behind the play. While Romeo & Juliet and their associated families aren't actually historical, the other characters like the Medici's are in fact based on actual people. I think it's an interesting version of what could have potentially been the truth, although as the author explains in her note, there are version of the love story that predate this period.

I loved reading how various scenes from the play were reinterpreted her. Except of course I read the whole time dreading the ending. I knew what to expect, yet I was hoping they would be saved, maybe they could escape and fool everyone into thinking they were dead. It's not like the ending hasn't been reinterpreted before, haven't you seen West Side Story?

But I am glad I picked this one up. While I have read most of Maxwell's books at this point there are still one or two that I've love to read. (Signora da Vinci probably being at the top of the list!)


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  1. I love that she retold Romeo and Juliet. I haven't read this one, but I may have to! Signora da Vinci was my favorite Maxwell book as of yet!