Friday, August 5, 2011

From Egypt to Rome

First before I get to my review (which I really think you should read because I loved this book!), just wanted to send out a friendly announcement that Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2012 has been announced for September 12 - 16. Last year I wound up on the long list for best historical fiction blog, which I thought was impressive since I wasn't a huge part of the book blogging community. But in the past year I've gotten so much more involved in the community and read some many more book blogs, I'm excited for the festivities to start! So if BBAW is something new to you I highly recommend you check it you, but now... onto the review!

Lily of the Nile by Stephanie Dray
Obviously I've heard of Cleopatra, Mark Antony, and Julius Caesar. But in truth I don't know that much about them. Surprising I think I learned far more about them from this book than I knew before, and this book actually about any of the three of them.

Instead it tells the story of Cleopatra Selene, the daughter of Cleopatra and Mark Antony. Within the first few pages both of her parents are dead, and Selene and her brothers are taken as prisoners to Rome to be raised in the household of the Roman Emperor.

I really enjoyed reading Selene's story and almost more so loved the history. Being that this is historical fiction, I have to wonder just how much is based on actual fact. Obviously given when these event occurred (about 40 B.C.E) we don't have a lot of concrete information. But while I'm not a scholar and don't know how much is the truth, it felt real to me and I very mush so enjoyed reading and learning what ancient Rome was potential like.

I don't want to say I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed the book, because I was expecting to love it based on the subject matter. I am happy I finally had a chance to read it and am now looking forward to sequel's release this fall, and would also love to read Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran to read about Selene from another author's perspective as well.


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  1. I am reading "Nefertiti" by Michelle Moran right now which is Egyptian historical fiction as well. That time period is so fascinating! I will have to add this to my (ever growing) read list!