Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Curl it Up

I've been using my current hair gel forever, or really winter break senior year of college. That's when you know a hair products made an impact, when you know exactly when you started using it. I bought it on a whim, I figured with such a name I knew actually what it would do.
And sure enough, Curls Up, did exactly what it promised and held my curls throughout the day. (And just ignore the messy counter in the background. I'm sure it's no worse than yours, right?) It doesn't leave my hair hard or crunchy and yet yet manages to keep them throughout the day. Plus it smells a little bit like grapefruit.

So when I ran out recently I went to the drugstore to pick up some more as normal. Except I couldn't find any. I stopped looking and walked around the store hoping I would find it somewhere else, or when I got back it would magically appear. But still back in the hair product section, no Curls Up. I had my droid phone with me, so took it out to check the manufacturer to see if they carried anything else by them. After confirming it was made by FX, and reading everyone else rave reviews online (I guess I'm not the only one obsessed), but also complaints that others hadn't been able to find it either. I thought I was going to have to officially switch to a new hair gel, except...
I found it just with brand new packaging. You can see around it's neck there is a little tag with the old bottle on it, but obviously I didn't see it at first. I do like the new bottle, and thinks it makes it look a little more high class, but honestly I was just glad to had found it.

Anyone else use Curls Up or any other FX products? (And FYI, I have tried their Straighten Out as well, but wasn't a huge fan) Or what do you use in your hair?

And in case you were confused this post was all me. You would think if this was a sponsored post it wouldn't be about my difficulty finding it, right?


  1. I have wavy hair and am always looking for product suggestions. I will have ot try to find this. I haven't even heard of that brand. I always use Herbal Essence curly hair mousse. It works relatively well - not super, but good enough!

    Oh and my bathroom counter always looks like yours did. I actually did not notice anything in the background when I first looked at the picture!

  2. I would have panicked and bought all the bottles once I found it. I had this happen with shampoo and when I found it I bought like 7 bottles lol.

    My hair is pretty straight or I would give it a try.