Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Playing the Hostess

Last weekend My BFF/MOH/godsister came down to visit. It was her first time in Louisiana so I did my best to be a good hostess and make sure she got experience some of the best parts or at least my favorites of the state!
First we stopped for lunch, or more like brunch from my selections, in the French Quarter. This was actually my second time stumbling on this place, although honestly I have no idea of the actual name. And don't you just love the little clover on the waffle?
After lunch we stopped for a hurricane at Pat O'Briens.
Saturday, back in the B.R., we stopped at Coffee Call for beignets, and then went to visit Mike the Tiger at LSU.
Mike The Tiger
Yes an actual tiger on campus, but we posed with a statue together too.
That night we had dinner at Boutin's where she was able to have her first experience with Alligator.
Fried Alligator
And Sunday, on the way back to the airport, we were able to make a quick visit to the wedding venue.
At Houmas House
We had a blast together, and even though she was only here for about 3 days it felt a lot longer since we were able to do so much. Oh, and did I mention we also met with a potential photographer and went wedding dress shopping? Well, we did! But you're going to have to wait a little longer to see those pictures!


  1. So exciting!! Glad you got to have a good visit & introduce her to some yummy La food! :)

  2. Oh fun! Looks like you had a great time. I love playing hostess. I get to do that next weekend and can't wait. Esp now that I live in an area that I just adore. :)

    Can't wait ot hear more about dress shoppping. I get to go with Amber next week!!

  3. Pat O'Briens was my favorite place down there!! Glad you had a great time together. Those waffles are too cute!

  4. i had the best time! you're the bestest host ever and i promise ill be sending you the photos this weekend!!!