Monday, August 15, 2011

Help Me Out: The Movie Version

The Help
Every since I read The Help, I've been looking forward to read the book. As will all book to movie adaptions I'm always a bit leery of how it will turn out. The previews made it seem like it was going to be pretty true to the story, and overall I'm glad to say it was.

It definitely felt a bit like watching the book come to life on screen and there were several scenes that came across just the way I'd pictured them. I thought Mae Mobley was just as adorable and see was in the books, and loved Emma Stone.

Overall it was a long movie, but I would have been willing to sit there longer. In fact it seemed like by the end of the movie they realized they had run out of time and wrapped over several story lines awfully quickly. There were a few stories that were changed in essence of time. (Constance's and Stuart's being the big ones. Although some of my favorite parts of Celia's story weren't there either.) But I understand that when you adapt a book to the screen that stuff happens.

I am glad I saw the movie and definitely think they did the book justice. I would have to say the book is still my favorite, but I think that's pretty universal in most adaptions.


  1. This makes me want to see the movie even more!

  2. I just recently heard about the movie and it made me want to read the book again. I didn't think I'd go see it, but I might make time after reading your review. I'm like you... a little leery about the movie adaptations. With the exception of Harry Potter, none have really impressed me.

    I have to add that I love the "Too Little, Too Late" bit that the author added in after the acknowledgments. She talks about Mississippi being like her mother and I can definitely relate. LOL! If you haven't read what I'm talking about, you should! It's very funny. ;-)

  3. I saw this movie last night!! I loved it!!! Totally agree with you though, there were some details missing but they still did a great job!

  4. I thought that Skeeter's mom's character changed in the movie as a result of the Constantine/Rachel story changing. It made Skeeter's mom a bit more sympathetic- driven by a desire to impress other women rather than racism of her own, and I LOVED her reaction to Hilly in the movie even more than in the book! I also thought it was interesting that they made her illness obvious from the beginning rather than having it be a surprise as it is in the book.

  5. I am reading the book now, SOOO GOOD! I can't wait to see the movie!

  6. I loved the movie! I noticed all the little changes of course but they didnt bug me like they normally do. I understood why they changed them for time sake. Although I would have like to see more of Stuart, I was pleased overall.