Monday, August 29, 2011


One Day
I love the book back when I read it, and since then I've been looking forward to seeing the movie. Knowing the way the book is written I wasn't sure how well it would translate to film, but I was more than willing to see them try. And as for the verdict, well I'm not too sure.

I did enjoy the movie and I'm glad I saw it. But if I hadn't read the book I'm not sure I would have really gotten into it. The ending is as heartbreaking and tragic as I was expecting it to be. I held back tears through a good part of the end.

I thought Jim Sturgess was great in the film. But I'm not sure why everyone was so against Anne Hathaway. I'm not sure she was the perfect fit for the role, but I'm not sure who would have done better. Overall I'd saw this was definitely an occasion where the book was better than the movie. But I'm still glad I got to see the movie on the big screen.

This of was a bit of an opposite experience, where I wasn't quite looking forward to seeing it. But surprisingly it really wasn't that bad. There is a bit of a novel story in this one that I was a fan of. And you can't help but feel for Catalaya throughout the movie. Not one that I'd need to see again, but if I had to, I would be willing to sit through it for a second viewing.


  1. I actually just saw the preview for the first one of these today! Had never heard about either before!

  2. I never finished reading One Day. I tried and tried, because everyone has raved about it, but I just could not get into it at all! I felt awful giving up, but it was painful for me to keep reading! I was about 1/4 of the way into it...I hate quitting on a book, and it is rare that I do, but I just had to, in this case!

  3. Lisa, Amber and I were talking about you when we went to see this on Sunday afternoon! We were wondering if you'd seen it yet :)

    I thought it was excellent and complicated the book really well. One of the best books to movies I've seen. However if you HAVEN'T read the book I think the movie could be really confusing!

  4. We all loved it and I completely agree with Amber, it goes hand in hand with the book. If I hadn't read the book I probably would have hated it but having read the book, I loved it and maybe liked it more than the book... ;)

    The only part I hated was the graphic part near the end, but I hated that part in the book too. I cried like a flippin baby. I had to use the new sweater I bought at Target as a tissue! lol

  5. I just read the book and I loved it until the end. It was sooo sad! I don't think I could watch the movie.