Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blast from the Past

The past weekend we spend house-sitting at the boy's parents'. Which means with this weekend and the one before with my BFF, my google reader is out of control. I'm doing my best to get it down from 500 unread but so far am failing. I've decided not to let myself hit "Read All," which means that if you get a comment from me one a post that's over a month or so old, just be glad I finally read it!

Anyways, what was a doing this past weekend if I wasn't internet-ing? Working on a project for the wedding of course. I really love the idea of scrapbook/guestbook so spent most of the weekend scanning the boy's childhood photos. I am planning on saving most of these as a surprise to use at the wedding, and as you might imagine he's not to happy with the idea of me sharing a picture of him actually smiling, but I can't help but share one!
Seriously, how cute is this picture of the boy in a Christmas stocking at only a day or so old? And the green pillow to match? I love it!

And instead of asking the more obvious questions like "what are you doing for a guestbook?", or "how did you incorporate your childhood photos?", how about "how often do you hit "read all" on your reader?"


  1. Quite often actually... Anytime I have a big weekend or busy week I just scan through my MUST READ blogs and mark the rest as read! You are a trooper for plowing through!!

    That photo of the boy is adorable :)

  2. I usually don't hit read all. I may not comment on every single post but I try to at least skim them all. It's been taking me a while to get caught up on reading posts as well.

    I love that guest book idea!