Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Marriage Meatloaf

Over the weekend the Boy and I were going to the grocery store and were trying to come up with what we wanted to make. The Boy said he'd been craving meatloaf, so my first thought was, Marriage Meatloaf! You can check out the link to read about it and see the recipe, but to overview briefly, it's a recipe from Glamour. It's supposed to be so good that if you make it for your guy he will propose and you will get married, aka the name marriage meatloaf.

My first mistake was instead of saying something along the lines of, "I have a great meatloaf recipe," it came out more like, "I can make marriage meatloaf!" Of course after that introduction, I had to explain that if I he ate this meatloaf he would decide to propose to me. Not the smoothest of of hints.

We still went out and bought all the ingredients for the meatloaf (along with focaccia and 3 different cheese, aka the essentials). This was on Sunday and since we had a dinner with his family for Mother's Day, we decided to make it on Monday. I can home from work Monday and basically started cooking (if you remember, that's the reason I was late posting on Monday.)

I assembled all the ingredients and realized I had a lot of chopping ahead of me. So here's mistake number two. Not wanting to chop everything myself I recruited the boy to come help me. He did help with everything except the onion. He's allergic to onions, or really the chemical that makes you cry in them. Assuming they are cooked really well he's ok to eat them, but chopping onions makes his eyes water more than most. He did help with chopping, to which he said something along the lines of, "I don't think this counts as marriage meatloaf if I have to help cook it. I think that pretty much makes in UN-marriage meatloaf"

I did get everything chopped and cooked and mixed and ready to go into the oven, with one slight problem. When we went to the store we bought meatloaf pans, both permanent and disposable. Turns out after reading the recipe we didn't need meatloaf pans but parchment paper to put on a cookie sheet. But we decide to use the disposable ones. We though we'd be clever and poke holes in the bottom to allow the fat & liquids to drain.

Unfortunately, it wasn't quite a success. If we had made a loaf on the cookie sheet it would have had a dome type shape which allowed the fat to drain off. While the hole in the bottom did help with that, since we had a flat top there was a good bit of fat on the top that couldn't escape. Not the nicest of images, sorry for that.

The actual meatloaf was really good. Nice and most, and I loved the pieces of red pepper!
Marriage Meatloaf
My attempt at Marriage Meatloaf
Overall I'd recommend if, even if you're already married and don't need marriage meatloaf to do the trick. And if you are hoping for it to work and it doesn't, there's always Engagement Chicken to try!

P.S. I'm really hoping Kris makes it through tonight! I'm crossing my fingers for a Kris & Adam finale!


  1. Hahaha I scrolled down to the bottom before even finishing the rest of the post to see if it ended with you getting engaged!! Lol

  2. I'm not usually a fan of meat loaf but the pieces of red pepper are almost swaying me to try it. I have heard of both marriage meat loaf and engagement chicken, but it's fun to read someone actually make it. too bad your didn't end in a proposal (I like Amber scrolled to the end of the post to see what happened!) I, too, would so be the un-smooth girlfriend that would actually tell her man this is "marriage meatloaf!" haha. I think he is right though, it won't work if he makes it! next time try the chicken and keep the secret. I would love to read about the recipe doing its magic next time!

    oh, and on an Idol note, I am hoping for a Kris/Danny finale! guess we'll see tonight!

  3. LOL! I have never heard of engagement chicken!!! Ha!

  4. I'd heard of these but thought they were fake, haha! Yours looked really good though, I think I might have to try it! :-)

  5. Yum this looks GOOD!!!

    You definitely have to try engagement chicken next lol :) I would've done the same though and said "hey this is supposed to get you to propose to me!" lol!!!! ;) We're too honet! :)

    I have a healthy meatloaf recipe somewhere...but can't remember where exactly. I should dig it up!

  6. Oh man...I love meatloaf. It's one of my guilty pleasures. I feel like I can't admit to liking it, because it's such a weird food. But seriously - I love, love, love it. The loaf in the picture looks delish!