Sunday, May 17, 2009

Angels & Demons

We decided to go to a matinee Saturday and see Angels & Demons. Going to the movies is our little way of saving lately. If we are going to the movies we might as well save a few dollars or two. Of course we would save far more if I didn't buy candy and a soda, but that's a different issue.

First, I have read this (and The Da Vinci Code), but it was several years ago, when they were really big. So while I remembered a few key plot points, I didn't know exactly what would be happening. Of course throughout the movie things would happen and I would remember what came next.

I do think this was better than The Da Vinci code movie. Mainly because I can't remember a whole lot about the movie, except that it was slow. And while Angels & Demons wasn't especially fast, slow wasn't my number one thought about the movie.

I guess my biggest complaint was they left out what I thought was a pretty major revelation in the book. I told the boy my feelings, and he said it really didn't add much. That it really wasn't necessary. But still! What was it that I thought was missing? Well if you haven't read the book and don't want to hear spoilers then stop. Still here?

It was the reason why the previous Pope was a fan of science. In the book he fell in love with a nun. And while neither one would give out their vows for sex, they wanted to had a child. So they used her eggs and his sperms and she became artificially inseminated. Thus, they had a kid without ruining their vows. Of course their son was Ewan McGregor's character. Now while I understand the movie didn't need this, it would have been nice to include it.

Overall I'd say see the movie. And read the book too if you haven't already!



  1. Um, yeah, important!!! We have a friend who reviews movies and he thought it was ok...I still want to go see it at one point or another :)

    How come you don't bring in your own stuff to the movies?? I've been doing that forever...saves me a LOT of money :) I've been known to bring hard-boiled eggs, apple and PB, tostitos and salsa...Yeah, I'm bad ;)

  2. I do bring my own stuff sometimes, but don't mainly because I am lazy. While I could stock up and have a candy collection to take with me to the movies, I would just eat it ALL the time at the apartment. I think a lot of it is that I tell myself I'm not going to buy anything, and then once I am actually in the theater I can't stay awaay.

  3. Oh wow! See I haven't read either of the books but I've seen both movies. That's interesting to know now! It's like a little bonus to the movie that would have been good to know. Hmmm, I wonder why they left that out.

    Im totally guilty of sneaking in my own candy. That crap is expensive!

  4. gah i want to see this because I am just a movie freak...i bring diet coke in a can and annoyingly open it right when the move theater is silent. hahaha. rebel.

  5. gah i want to see this because I am just a movie freak...i bring diet coke in a can and annoyingly open it right when the move theater is silent. hahaha. rebel.

  6. We just saw this movie yesterday. I also read the books but it was a few years ago and I COMPLETELY forgot about that plotline! I have to tell Eric now! Haha. As usual, I remember the book being better but I was overall pretty impressed with the movie! Better than the Davinci code for sure!

  7. Yeah -- I wasn't a hug fan of the movie.

    Judah could have cared less about the earthquake. I wasn't in the same room as him during the quake - but afterwards I found him chewing a toy mouse like nothing happened. I guess he's not a "scardy cat". Lol. That's sad that stuff got knocked over at your parent's house. I guess maybe because we're in a highrise we felt it less?

  8. I have the book and NEED to read it! i really wanna see it, thanks for the reviw :)