Thursday, May 21, 2009

Open or Closed

I've written about some of the quirks that make me, me before, and I figured it was so fun I should do it again. So here goes.

I can not sleep the any doors in the room open. None. It doesn't matter if its the door to the closet, the door to the bathroom, or the door to the hall. Of course this is fun now, because they are currently FIVE different doors in the bedroom (3 into closets, 1 into the bathroom, 1 into the hall). Every night before I go to sleep I walk around the perimeter of the room, making sure all the doors are closed completely without even a crack left open.

And what happens if one of us forgets to shut all the doors? Well if I am in bed, I will normally ask the boy if he will get out of bed and close it. He always sleeps on the side of the bed closest to the door. Yes, another slight quirk. I don't care what side of the bed I'm on as long as its the side further away from the door. I think its so if any robbers were to break into the room they reach him first and not me. I mean it makes sense to me.

Then what would be the reasoning for making sure all the doors are completely shut? Well, I think it goes back to growing up with cats. All my life we had cats living in the house. Except for maybe a span of 2 months in 2nd grade, besides that, there were cats. And I hated having the cats in my bedroom, mainly because I didn't want them to ruin any of my stuff. (Can we talk about the year a cat peed on my Halloween candy?)

Of course that isn't the complete reason why I didn't want the cats in the room. See we had one or two cats that would see your toes under the blanket. Would see them and think to themselves, "That looks dangerous! I should attack it!" So you would be woken up in the middle of the night with bite marks on your toes. Yes, I do so how it could be fun to cuddle your kitty when you're going to sleep. But it is most definitely not fun when the kitty then doesn't let you sleep.

Of course you might now be wondering if we have any cats in our apartments. That's a definite no. And yet, I still can't get it out of my mind that if I don't make sure all the doors are completely closed, well.... who knows what might happen!


P.S. I'm so sad all of my shows are done for the summer. What am I supposed to do tonight then? I think in protest I won't be posting a Frozen Thursday post tonight. Of course, it could also partly be due to the half turkey, brie, and fig sandwich leftover from my lunch at Wholefoods today.


  1. I'm sad too! I have no idea what to watch now!!! I need my shows to already be back! I can't wait till the fall...

  2. Haha, that's funny because I USED to be like you until we got Webster, now we sleep with the door open a crack so Webster can come in and out. Though, I usually have to get up at about 4 or 5 and throw him out because he decides it's time for me to wake up and starts licking my face then!

  3. We're all a little OCD :P

    I'm sad about the good shows being done for now as well! Booo!

    I love flowers being delivered and it doesn't happen often so it means a lot when he does! :)

  4. We all have our quirks, huh? I'm OCD about locking doors. As soon as I walk into the house, I'm locking the door behind me. If I go into a gas station I lock my car. It ridiculous! I'm paranoid I'm going to get back into my car and someone will jump up from the backseat or someone is just going to come walking into my apartment and kill me. The other day the boy left the door unlocked all night and I about freaked when we left in the morning! Ha! Ha!

    I'm sad about the shows too! Although, my mom said she saw a commercial for Big Brother soon! Yay! :)

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  6. hello shoshanah, thanks so much for your comment!

    personally, i think quirks are what make life interesting. they give you character and originality, and they are fun things to blog about.

    i definitely know what you mean about cat's not letting you sleep. i have a lovely cat, named oliver. he's very sweet, but if you let him into your room when you're sleeping, he will either try to play with your feet under the blankets or will crawl over your chest and sit on your face. still love him though.

    and i know how you feel about shows being over. i only have 2 shows i watch weekly: house and grey's. now that they are both over, i don't have anything fun to look forward to on my monday and thursday evenings.

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  8. we all have those things that may be strange but makes us who we are! I am trying to think what mine are... hmm, I mean, I can't sleep without a blanket. even if it is a 100 degrees! I need something over me. but that's not too strange. if I think of something stranger, I'll let you know :) haha

    I am sad American Idol is over now, and The Hills will be over soon. At least we have The Bachelorette, right?

  9. I have to make sure every light is off and the front door is locked - I could be nearly asleep and think about it and then I HAVE to get up or I can't get to sleep. So sad.

  10. Oh, I get so sad when my shows are over for the season. Luckily I like trashy shows, so there's some new ones coming out that should hold me over.

  11. Hi! I just found you on 20sb bloggers and wanted to say hello!

  12. oh man..we have a lot of the same quirks. I can't sleep with the doors open either... and I have my hubby sleep closest to the door for just the same reason. Ah, we have much in common, you and I. ;)

  13. I know, there are NO SHOWS left to watch :( I've decided to tivo past episodes of the real housewives of orange county/NYC. It's entertaining.

    Your little quirk is so funny!!! I just require the door to the hallway to be closed, but not the closet. I also HAVE to have the bed tucked in at the bottom (whereas my boyfriend likes it untucked, but he lets me do what I want in this regard).