Sunday, May 3, 2009


I just came in from laying out at the pool. Except that it was cold and windy, and after 10 minutes or so I cam inside. So no I am here. And I figured I would tell you about what I finished reading by on the pool on a much warmer day.

Rattled by Christine Coppa
This is the book written by the author of the Glamour blog Storked, which was actually the first blog I ever started reading. I saw a blurb about in a Glamour magazine probably June '07, and thought it sounded interesting and started reading. Through her recommendations I stumbled unto more and more blogs, and then eventually decided to start my own. So its fitting I'm writing about the author who really got me into blogging.

Before I get into my feelings about her book and blog, a basic outline might be nice for anyone not familiar with it. Christine Coppa (turns out I've always pronounced her name wrong!) is living the sex and the city life in New York City. And winds up getting pregnant. She decides to have and raise the baby (even when the father decides not to). And its about what happens when you're 26 and life throws you a turn you weren't quite expecting.

First let me say I love Chrissy's blog (Yes I feel like I am on a first name basis with her. Clearly I am not really, but we are Myspace friends!). So I knew I would like her book. But I didn't realize just how much!

Since I have started reading her from the start (and even went back and read her back entries), I didn't really want to read a rehashing of her blog. I have read books by bloggers who do that, and it do still enjoy the book. But Rattled didn't just recycle old material. Yes, there was some information that I was familiar with, but far more information that was new to me. Its funny because you read a blog and you feel like you know someone, but you really only see a small part of their life. A fun little fact for readers of Storked, on the blog Chrissy always calls her son JD, but in the book she reveals she never calls him that, she only uses her first name Jack. And its not just small details that are different than the blog. It actually feels like a story, and its impossible not to relate even if you haven't been in that exact same situation.

She does talk a little about how hard it is writing such a well known blog and all the backlash she gets. Which I understand (not from here, I've luckily had nothing but positive comments), but just by reading her blog. It seems like her fights are always breaking out in her comments, so much that most the time I won't post just not to get involved. But this made me feel that I should comment more, so that she (and everyone else blogging really) knows that I do appreciate and enjoy what she writes. Hopefully, she'll continue to write for a while, but if not at least I have her book. I encourage you to read it! And stop by Storked if you haven't before!



  1. I've never heard of this book. I'll have to check it out!

  2. I also read it and loved it :) I finished it in like...1 and 1/2 days lol :)

  3. Well hello! Thank you for the sweet comment and I see that we both have Crazy Shenanigans in common...Shes the greatest:p Looks like and interesting book!

  4. I had to order mine in and just picked it up on Friday!! It's sitting on my desk right now and I'm going to read it as soon as I'm done 'Good in Bed'!!

    I just love Chrissy's style of writing. She's so descriptive and really pulls the reader in. I'm glad to hear that her book is so good.

    I started commenting more often on the glamour blogs after getting my own blog and realizing how great comments are! I just changed my username to missamber09, what's your username? You definitely should comment more!! I love seeing Anais and Lisa's comments on there and feeling like I know the person behind the comment! Haha.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

    From L.A. to! That must be quite the culture shock! My husband's family is from Louisiana and just from being around them, it seems like they're from a completely different world!

    I'm looking foward to reading more about you!

  6. I heart Chrissy's blog! I need to get Rattled when I return from Europe.