Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dragon Slayer

I think I might be the only one out there who still watches Survivor. (If I'm wrong please let me know.) I haven't watched every season, but I have watched most of them. I am watching this one, and I'm really glad because its turned out to be a really entertaining one.

Mainly because of one of the contestants, Coach. No, that is not his real name. At least I don't believe so. He is a coach (I think a soccer coach), and decided to have everyone call him Coach on the show. It could be that he didn't want his real name to go public, or it could be he liked the idea of being know as Coach. And if you think that's odd, I haven't even started.

Every season they have an episode where they bring in loved ones as a surprise. In past seasons it has been wives, husbands, mother, fathers, sister, brothers, and even a son once. So who was Coach's loved one? His assistant coach! That's the person that means the most to him that he wants to see on the show. Again, I'm not really sure why he brought his assistant coach, maybe the guy was actually his lover and he didn't want to come out to the world. Or maybe the closest person in his life is truly his assistant coach.

But it doesn't stop there. Every episode Coach tells a true life story about what something he has done. About how he knows meditation techniques that can't be flown on a helicopter. About how he was flown into the Amazon on a military helicopter and while going down the river was captured by cannibals. Every time he tells a story you can see the contestants holding back their laughter. Even Jeff Probst, who normally stays completely out of the game can't help asking questions at tribal council such as, "Are you going to tell us a story out how you rescued orphans from the wilderness?"

It wouldn't be so bad if you thought he was perhaps elaborating a bit. But instead, Coach claims that he has never told a lie in his life. And that all of these things truly did happen in his life, and you can choose to believe or not, but he knows they are true.

Of course since this is a game you might want to know her strategy to win. As he's said multiple times, he wants to bring the absolute strongest players to the finale with him, because he is a warrior. Thus Coach made a warrior alliance with the two guys he feels are the strongest. And every time he feels he masterminds who is going home he calls himself the dragon slayer. One week he cut off the head of the dragon, the next week he said he was cutting off the tail.

Will Coach win? Probably not. My guess is he'll go home tonight unless he wins immunity. But who knows, there are only 5 contestants left. If there's anyone else out that who does watch Survivor I'd love to hear your thoughts on this season. And if you haven't been watching the season is almost over, but its still on tonight and Sunday. So...

The tribe has spoken.


Coach image found on Google Images.


  1. I have never seen one episode of survivor. BUT it is the type of show that I would love to talk about with people, mostly because of the contestants, like that crazy one you're talking about! You can keep on giving us recaps :)

  2. I use to be the biggest fan of this show. I think I stopped watching after the season where they were in africa i believe??? It was the season where the dude fell into the fire and burned his hands....

  3. Yes I watch, almost faithfully and yes this season is sooooo entertaining. I CAN'T STAND COACH!!!! He is so full of crap!!
    He did exactly what Erinn said he would do, he tried to play the martyr with his exile experience. Although Erinn should have remembered that most guys can't stand it when a woman rips him a new one. So even if they agree that a guy is a douch, they will back him just because.

  4. I watched like the very first season of Survivor faithfully and haven't watched it since, haha! That guy does sound fairly amusing though.

    Do you like Big Brother? That is the one reality show that I still really enjoy and I really want to watch this seasons!! If you watch it, do you know when it starts by any chance??