Monday, May 18, 2009

Laundry Day

Yesterday after the Boy got home from work he said he wanted to do laundry. Probably a first from him, since I'm normally the one who insists its time to do it. We didn't have a lot of laundry to do, but since he's out of school for the summer his job schedule has changed. So instead of needing to wear a black polo shirt two days a week, its closer to 5. Besides the black polos there wasn't a whole lot else, only 1 load of clothes plus our sheets. The problem wasn't the amount of laundry we wanted to do, it was that everybody else wanted to do their laundry Sunday night too!

This is a problem since we don't have a washer and dryer in our aparments. While our apartment does have washer and dryer hook-ups we haven't made the big purchase yet. Luckily the laundry room is right by our apartment, just on the other side of the pool.

We carried our laundry over and there were two men currently put clothes in the dryer. Now our apartment has about 8 dryers, of which 2 require quarters, and the other 6 take money cards. The two men had already filled 4 of the 6 money card washers. We were able to put the sheets in one washer, but when they started filled the last washer we could use before us (since we had money on our money card, but no quarter). So we let out sheets wash, and brought the clothes back to our apartment.

One hour later we brought the clothes over, and moved the sheets to the dryer. No problems there.

One hour later we went back. Turns out someone had needed the dryer our sheets were in. The sheets were sitting on the table, still warm even. But all of the dryers were full, which meant we had no where for our clothes to go. The next dryer to end was in 30 minutes, so we brought the sheets back, made the bed, and waited.

30 minutes later we went back to move the clothes to the dryer. We checked the dryers, there was one open. Success! So we went to move the clothes. Except someone else's clothes were currently being washed in the washer we had used. But where were the clothes. The weren't on the counter. They weren't sitting in any of the dryers. They was a woman doing her laundry, but she said she didn't know, and there was no one in the room when she got there. On a whim we decided to check the washer we had used. The Boy pulled out a pair of jeans from the hot water (not fun I'm sure). Of course it was his jeans! Someone had decided our clothes still looked dirty maybe? And paid the $1.25 to wash our clothes? I'm not sure how that happened, but at least the clothes weren't missing.

Luckily, that was the end of our problems. A hour later we went back and move the clothes to the laundry. An hour after that we moved the clothes to the dryer.

But to sum up, two loads of laundry which should normally take 3 trips to the laundry, instead took SEVEN separate trips! Seriously! We've already decided our first big purchase as a couple will be buying a washer and dryer, and after yesterday I'm ready to buy one now! So we'll see, hopefully sooner rather than later.


P.S. The Bachelorette stars tonight! I'm so excited! If you really want to get ready feel free to read all my past Bachelor recaps! I can't wait to see Jillian, and here's to hoping she finds what she's looking for!


  1. I always hated doing laundry in college because I would have to stock up on quarters and then bring all my clothes down just to find that all the machines were taken! so I ended up usually doing it in the middle of the night when hardly anyone else was (though there were other 2 a.m. laundry people).

    luckily, our apartment has washer and dryer sorta in the unit. its in a closet on the balcony, which is close enough! and no need to pay :) I know I wouldn't want to have to buy a washer and dryer if I was just renting so I am glad we have it. that's a pretty big purchase to make so good luck when you do it! I love those new colorful washers they always advertise...

    on another note, I am watching the bachelorette right now! she is handing out the roses. my fave is kiptyn but he hasn't gotten one yet! oh no... :)

  2. two seconds after I wrote that, he got one! haha. I literally yelled, "yay!" I'm a dork.

  3. I LOVE having a washer and dryer in my apartment! We are paying about $200 more in rent each month to have a washer and dryer and a dishwasher in our apartment, but in my opinion, it's TOTALLY worth it!

  4. Haha wow, I would have freaked out if I would have walked in there and couldn't find my clothing!

    So here's a tid bit for you. You know the guy David from last night that got the first impression rose. Yeah I know him. I personally know him. He use to hang out all the time with me and my friends. He was dating a girl that I use to work with. If you wanna know how far he made it email me and I'll tell you.

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  6. My biggest fear when using the public facilities at apartment complexes is that my clothes will get stolen, or taken by mistake! I hate not having a washer/dryer! Apartments here are so much more expensive if they have them, or even just have the hook ups, it's ridiculous! Luckily my parents live in town so I usually do laundry at their house on my days off :)

  7. Ugh! That's the worst! I've been having laundry problems because my dryers heating unit went out. I have it down to a science. It takes five dries for one load of laundry before it is dry. Isn't that terrible? Luckily the repair man will be here soon!