Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sir (or if you prefer Saint) Thomas More

The King's Confidante by Jean Plaidy
I believe this is the first Jean Plaidy book I'm reviewing on here, but I can assure you it won't be the last. Haven't heard of Jean Plaidy? Its not because she hasn't made it big yet. Its because she already made it big. She was an English writer who lived between 1906 to 1993. In her almost 90 year life she published over 200 hundred different books on under various different names. Unfortunately, most of her books are currently out of print, but Random House is slowly starting to republish them.

As of now Random House has republished around 20 or so of her books. They started publishing them somewhat randomly with books on Queen Victoria, King Charles II, Princess Mary Tutor. But in the last year or two started publishing a specific series. Last year all 11 titles in her Queen of England series made publication. There are currently 7 books in her Tudor England series available. The most recent of which is The King's Confidante. However, this is actually book 4, book 5-7 were published a few years ago.

I started reading her books summer 2005, just before my visit to France. I started with Mary, Queen of France, which is now listed as book 7 in the Tudor series. (Confused yet?) I haven't read all of her republished books, but I have read most.

But the actual book. If you couldn't tell from the title of my post, the book is about Sir Thomas Moore. The cover lists it as "The Story of the Daughter of Sir Thomas More," but I don't feel like that quite defines it. I didn't know much about Thomas More going into this group except for the basics. He wrote Utopia. King Henry VII killed him. I did know he had a daughter, but only because most historical novels who mention Sir Thomas More's death mention he had a daughter that greatly mourned him. But that was really it, and it might be more than the average person knows. (The boy on the other hand went to a Saint Thomas More Elementary school so I would hope he knows a little extra. Then again I went to John C. Fremont Elementary and I couldn't tell you who Mr. Fremont was.)

The book itself was really enjoyable. I think it did help not knowing the story. For example, I love reading historical fiction about Anne Boleyn. But I've read so much of it I know what's going to happen. Sure, I knew how this was going to end, but not a whole lot of what happens in the middle.

Also what was interesting was reading about how a family lived in Tutor England, that wasn't very wealthy. As Thomas More increased in favor, the family's positions increased and that was interesting to see as well.

Overall it was one of my favorites of Jean Plaidy. But honestly, there haven't been any that I haven't liked. If you've never read her or have never heard of her I strongly urge you to give her a chance. Especially if you've read and enjoyed books by Phillippa Gregory. I do like her as well, but I like Jean Plaidy better. And if by chance you have read anything by Jean Plaidy, do you have a favorite?


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  1. I love books like that, I'll have to check those out!

    I'm also watching idol. I hope Kris wins but I bet Adam will.....I guess we'll know soon enough!