Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Live Long & Prosper

Star Trek
As promised here's are my thoughts and my review of the new Star Trek movie. First have no fear, I am not going to reveal my hidden Trekkie past, after all if I was a real fan I would be referring to myself as a Trekker, but that's besides the point. I will admit that this is not the first time I've watched anything Star Trek. Growing up I did used to watch Star Trek Voyager with my mom. Which I like maybe because of the female captain. I have seen a Star Trek movie, it was First Contact which if you've never seen any other Star Trek movies and want to watch one this is the one I would recommend. I think i might have also seen Generations but I'm not sure if I've seen the whole thing.

So that introduction was basically telling you any type of Trek film I've seen did not feature the original cast. Which means I know nothing except for the basic plot lines that everybody else knows, aka "Beam Me Up Scotty." Which means without any background I really enjoyed the movie! First Chris Pine as Captain Kirk was hot, so how could that not be enjoyable. The plot was easy to follow, in general. It had good action, it had good drama, overall not a lot of criticisms.

There was main thing watching the movie did remind me of, and I'm pretty sure no one else cares except for anyone who had my 4th grade teacher. Mr. Kanser was a big Star Trek fan. So much that our class quiet sign was the live long and prosper Vulcan sign. The only reason I can do the sign is so I could hold up my quiet sign in 4th grade. I mean along with the rest of the girls in my class we used to draw pictures of hands in that sign and hold them up to get the boys quiet. But thanks for putting up with that bit of reminiscing.

I will also so I do my best to avoid posting any sort of spoilers in my reviews. But I will let you know I'm about to post at least a small one, so you've been warned....

I don't really agree with the way the portrayed the time travel in the book. Not that I, or anyone else has any idea how time travel works. But I don't think you can change time. If you were to go back and attempt to change time, well it already happened. It's like you were destined to go back and do that thing so times go on the same. Like a big circle.

I do get that the only way you could actually change the past is if there were parallel universes involved, which is what the movie does. But the idea of parallel universes is just so abstract to me (and everyone else) that its hard to image. I will say that by creating a new parallel Star Trek universe it really freed them up. Now if they make any sequel to this movie (which they probably will considering its looking to be the highest grossing Star Trek film ever) they don't have to worry about contradicting anything that happened in the original series.

Now that I've written my longest movie review ever I will say go see the movie! Even if you're not a Star Trek fan and have made a point to avoid it before. This is the one to see!


P.S. There is far to much t.v. on tonight that I want to watch. It's looking like I'll be flipping back and forth a lot. This is why I need a tivo. We have:
Top 3 on American Idol
3 hour season finale of The Biggest Loser (I REALLY want Tara to win!)
New episode of 18 Kids & Counting
Reunion show of Real Housewives of NYC

I can't wait!


  1. Eric's bugging me to go, so if it's really not THAT bad maybe I will succumb to his nagging and just go see it!

  2. He was so freaking hot as Cpt. Kirk. I wish I totally could have been that green girl hahahahahaha

    I thought it was really good!

  3. I want Tara to win too!!!! let's hope she does!!! :)

  4. Thanks so much for the award...you're too sweet!
    Oh, and I actually do want to see the new Star Trek movie because Syler from Heroes is in it...