Thursday, June 21, 2012

You're Invited...

Hey Mickey, look what arrived in the mail today! (Yes, this is the exact conversation Minnie & Mickey had when opening their invite. And I'm sure every single one of my guests had a similar one. But back to Disneyland...)
How clever that we received a piece of mail from Louisiana and there's Louisiana stamps on it. And look how the label wraps around to the back to shows the return address.
Such artfully lined envelopes. Just looking at the purple polka dots reminds of the polka dots on my dress. And see that pocketfold peaking out?
How cute is that bellyband showing off the bride and groom's monogram?
There's so many different pieces inside! I love how the ceremony detail is front and center and all the additional information is conveniently on the side.
There's directions from both New Orleans and Louisiana,
and conveniently on the back of the directions is a custom map. Isn't the riverboat floating on the Mississippi River just darling?
There's an information card which is so helpful with hotel information as well as their wedding website address.
Isn't it smart to say on the RSVP card just how many are invited? I guess we won't be able to bring Donald along. And I love how the yes check box is so much bigger than the no, it really makes to want to attend just so I can check the bigger box.
Going back to the invitation itself don't you love how the ribbon holds it all together?
And how magical does the monogram look underneath the sheet of velum with all the ceremony details?
I guess we better send our RSVP back immediately to use that Louisiana forever stamp placed here as well.
So maybe every guest didn't react exactly the same as Minnie. But I'm sure some, probably half, if I had to guess, made the exact same comments.


  1. Just beautiful. I love the look of the outer envelope and the ribbons.

  2. They are BEAUTIFUL! How fun for your guests to receive these gorgeous invites in the mail. They turned out just perfect!!

  3. Love them! Great idea on putting how many are invited. We couldn't believe how many wrote "4" or more on that part when clearly only 2 were invited!!

  4. I think "___ of ___ attending" FILLED IN is one of the best ideas I've seen!

  5. Those are beautiful! Great job!

  6. So beautiful. Love the idea of "__ of __ attending."

  7. The invitation looks great!!! You did a wonderful job picking it out and getting it all ready!

  8. Your invitations look gorgeous! I am SO impressed that you did them all on our own. I love all the details- the whole suite looks great & very well thought out. Well done :)