Friday, June 8, 2012

Show Us Your... Kitchen

I'm back again this week linking up with Kelly's Korner sharing my kitchen. To be honest not a lot has changed from 2 years ago when I last did this link up. But there are a few minor changes and if you're really interested in comparing and contrasting this is my last post. But back to the now.
This is looking into our kitchen. The living would be almost directly behind you and the dinning room area on the left. The LSU plate front and center was a gift from my parents and the fleur-de-lie salt & pepper shaker was a gift from the boys's sister.
Zooming into my favorite part of the kitchen. My keurig was a birthday gift from the boy last year (and hence not in my last link-up post). It's sitting on top of my k-cup organizer which was a gift from the boy's mom. I'm not able to fit every k-cup in there, but I do at least have a selection of all the different possibilities. The blue sugar and creamer jars my mom found in an antique shop for me. The cans on the window still were the boy's great aunt's. And while I love their look I haven't really figured out what I want to do with them or where I want to put them.
Moving right is out makeshift (at least for now) spice rack and linen holder. We also have a tiny wine rack here, and my old coffee maker (which NEEDS to be thrown out). From here you can also see our utility closest. Although the previous owners built on a laundry room, so instead it basically functions as a closest.
A messy closet, but a closest nonetheless. Facing the closest (and in the wall behind the spice rack to give you perspective) is our pantry.
Again, somewhat messy, but I do love that you can side all the cookbooks inside.

I love doing these link-up because of all the new blogs I discover (and also just because it's fun to see where everyone else lives) so if you're new to From L.A to LA, be sure to leave a comment and say hi!


  1. Thanks for the peek at your kitchen! I love how you stash your cookbooks in the closet, I have only a few cookbooks, they fit in a cabinet! I can't wait for the day I need more space to hold my cookbooks! :)

  2. Great kitchen! I love that ya'll have that extra space for the utility closet!

  3. I love the cans from your husband's (I'm assuming!) great aunt but don't have any suggestions as to what to do with them :)

  4. I love that huge pantry closet you've got!