Friday, June 8, 2012

Back to Fifty

Fifty Shades Darker by E L James
I feel like I'm flying through this series so quickly (the first 2 books at least, but I'm sure it'll be the same with the third), that I'm going to need to reread them to really understand everything that went out. These books are written so that at each chapter's end you want so badly to continue to the next (this book especially). There is a lot that happens in this book, so much that looking back I feel like parts of the second book actually took place in the first. But one aspect I found a little crazy about the books is how little time has actually taken place through them.

One thing I'm really enjoying about these books is comparing Anna to Bella, but especially Christian to Edward. They're both such tortured souls, who truly believe they don't desire love. Edward because he's a vampire, and he thinks of himself as a monster who doesn't believe he actually has a soul. And Christian because, well... I'm not going to answer that here just in case you haven' got to the books yet. But he's definitely a tortued soul to circumstances that really were beyond his control.

I actually set down to write this review as soon as I finished this book. It ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, so I can't wait to see what unfolds in the 3rd book. (Although I'm already started to feel disappointed that I'm almost through the books.) Obviously I could have waited to write this review, but I wanted to be sure I was writing just on my feelings for this book instead of what comes after. So with that, I'm off to sit down with the final book 50 shades book.


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  1. I still don't know if I want to read them or not...:)

  2. I couldn't put down the first one and it's looking to be the same with the second. Now I understand what all the fuss was about :)

  3. I have read the first two books and I don't know what has been holding me back about reading the last one. So far, the second book has been my favorite. Great review!

  4. I was happy that I did read it, because I was sure that I would hate it and I didn't at all. I really liked the first. I need to read the second and third.

  5. The second one was my favorite out of the series!