Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Movie Review

That's My Boy
You know those movies that are so bad that they're good? In a lot of ways that was this movie. Don't get me wrong there still were some really funny scenes. (Plus I loved the rose petal aisle in the wedding scene.) But about halfway through the movie the boy and I were sitting there bored asking each other how much longer the movie would really go on.

There was a cute cameo by Adam Sandler's daughters. And it was fun knowing the teacher Adam Sandler had an affair with was played by Susan Sarandon's daughter, especially since Susan Sarandon played the character in the modern day. But it wasn't a movie I really want to see again.

But if you're looking for an R-rated comedy (and with the amount of nudity this was definitely R-rated), I'm hoping that Ted, which opens in a few weeks will be the better bet.

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