Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Movie Review

Madagascar 3
What's funny is I saw the 2nd one of these with the boy back when it was in theaters, but I don't believe I ever saw the first. Now there's a lot of kid's movies I love (Recent hits were The Lorax and The Secret World of Arrietty and, of course, love everything by Pixar and can't wait to see Brave), but sadly this was not one of them. I actually came close to falling asleep in the movie. (And if I was close to sleep I have to image a TON of kids slept through it.)

Still, there were parts I enjoyed. I really liked the circus parts (think Cirque du Soleil and you'll get way), but there just wasn't enough of them. I think unless you have kids dying to see this, I'd skip it and wait for Brave. And even if you have kids dying to see this, I think you'd probably be best waiting for dvd.


  1. I don't think the films really needed another :/ check out our film review link-up!

  2. My oldest has been dying to see it, but we keep holding off. Thanks for the review.