Thursday, June 7, 2012

Planning without the Internet

Yesterday I shared my parents' wedding book, which included a guestbook as well as a scrapbook full of memorabilia from both their wedding and honeymoon, and left you in suspense as to what else was included. I'm guessing from the title you probably know, but this was also my mom's wedding planning binder.
It started with a guest list, which to protect privacy I won't be showing, but here is at least the number count.
There's her registry list, which is quite a bit different than the online registries we have today. Except looking at the actual items listed (Kitchenaid Mixer, Cuisinart food processor) it looks incredibly similar to mine. It's funny when registering I never really thought what type of impression our choices would make on our future children, but just seeing "sea foam green" towels brings me back to the towels I always used growing up.
There's her timeline, showing what to do both 6 and 3 months out, as well as in the month before. (The monkeys in the corner look to be a stamp, and if you look there's a cut-out from Brides magazine as well.)
There's a budget page. (How would you like to be spending $25 on flowers or $55 on invitations? Cheap for 1982 I'm sure, but probably impossible now.)
There's a day-of schedule, which actually seems pretty consistent with a 2012 wedding.
My parents didn't have a caterer, which means my parents cooked most of the food themselves. And if you're cooking food, you have to have a grocery list (I'm guessing these are the ingredients for potato salad.)
And if you're cooking the food, you need to have your recipes, right?
Going from the reception to the actual ceremony, there's a list of verses. (No idea which of these if any were actually used.)
As well as a list of various wedding traditions.
My mom sewed her actual dress, so there's a small sketch, I'm guessing where she designed it, which looks pretty close to how it actually turned out.
There's a make-up "pinterest board."
As well as a board for flowers.
I know this post has gotten almost ridiculously long, but I'm just in awe of all of this. (And actually there's a few pages I wanted to share that didn't make the cut.)

Going through all of this is just so bittersweet though. Looking at all these pictures, seeing page after page of my mom's handwriting, you know how much work she put into it all. And I can only imagine how much she would be doing today, if she was still here. Looking through it the first time brought me to tears, but now when I look at it I'm just impressed and amazed at how much is actually in this single book.

Part of me feels like in 2012 we have it easy being able to plan our internet online. Except part of me wishes all my planning was in a single place, where it lasts as time capsule preserving almost every aspect of my parents' wedding day.

Would you be willing to give up the convenience of doing on your planning online in order to have something physical that has it all in one place? And do you have any idea what type of planning your own mother put into planning her wedding?


  1. Wow. That is just amazing. What a special, special book to have! That will be so cool to show to your children someday. You should get your own book and print off some of the documents you've been using online to plan your wedding so you can show them the difference and then see what it's like for THEM one day!

    My mom was 18 when she got married and she told me my grandmother planned her wedding!! Lol

  2. Wow! This is amazing! My momn doesn't have anything like this. They had a small private ceremony. They only have a few pictures!

    I love her pages & I can imagine how it must feel for you since she's your mom. :)

  3. Wow, that is amazing. What a special momento to have. I love your mom's handwriting, by the way.

    My mom and dad had a very very simple wedding, so I don't think my mom did too much planning!

  4. Wow how cool is that?? My mom and dad had a very simple wedding too so I don't think there was much planning, but I will have to ask her. That is such a special thing to have! Not like saying here's a link to my pinterest board and a copy of my spreadsheet!

  5. That is amazing! My parents eloped to Vegas so they didn't plan anything. I think I have my mom's wedding dress somewhere. It was a white knee length that looks like something a go-go dancer would wear. They don't even have pictures of their trip to Vegas!

  6. Oh wow! How great that you have that to look at! I can't even imagine planning a wedding without the help of the internet.