Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Invitations: The Dream

Even before the boy & I became engaged I started picturing our wedding invitations. (Some girls imagine walking down the aisle, I imagined the paper products.) I knew I wanted to have the invite in a pocketfold similar to this.

via Mrs. Parasol
I actually pinned that 42 weeks ago. Knowing that we've been engaged for about a year and a half, it doesn't seem too crazy, until I tell you I've only been a member of pinterest for 42 weeks. Of course that wasn't the only image I pinned, here's a few more of my favorite invitation pins, and what exactly I love about them.

Here I love how perfectly the directions, menu, and RSVP line up on the right so you know at a glace exactly what's on each piece of paper.

I just love the simplicity of the actual invitation here. I feel like when you have so much going on in the pocketfold itself, the main invitations doesn't need to be all that complicated.

via Mrs. Prairie Dog
While you can't see it perfectly here, I love the pointed corners on the flap as well as the pocket on the right.

via Mrs. Ferris Wheel
Not to sound too repetitive but I feel like this one basically includes all of the aspects I've already pointed out (The v-pockets, the additional inserts perfectly lined up,...).

via Mrs. Tea Cup
And moving from the outside to the insides, I knew I wanted some cute type of bellyband to wrap around the entire pocketfold.

While you can see I knew almost exactly what I wanted them to look like, I wasn't completely sure how to get there. To be honest, I've never really been a big diy person. Sure I've scrapbooked a little, but I wouldn't call them anywhere near professional. But as you've already seen, my mom was a diy pro, and I knew she'd help me pull it off. I remember talking to my mom last summer explaining my vision to her, and her telling me not to worry, that putting it all together would be easy. I had counted on my mom to help me with the design (and by that I mean design the entire things so that all I had to do was put it together), except as we all know by now that wasn't how life went.

Part of me still feels like I let myself down with our STDs. I'm not saying that I don't love how they turned out, but they fell short of my initial inspiration. And with my invitations I wanted to prove, to myself even if no one else cared, that I could still pull the invitations off on my own without my mom. And maybe it was more than that, maybe I wanted to prove that I would be ok. That even without my mom physically here to guide me, I still had some of her diy in me and could make the invitations I dreamed up happen, as well as the rest of my dreams come true.

Do you think I managed to pull it off? Any ideas as to what aspects actually made it to my final invitations?


  1. I have no idea what to expect, the only thing I envision is some sort of folder approach to the invitation! I can't wait to see how they turned out!

  2. Great idea, am sure your finished product will be gorgous. Look forward to seeing it.

  3. I'm sure they look amazing! I know from the photo you showed the envelopes were cute!