Thursday, December 10, 2009

My TV Guide: Mid-Season Report

Back in September I wrote this post, outlining the shows I was looking forward to watching this fall. Since it the time of year where most shows are on their winter hiatus of over this season, I figured now would be a great time to check in and decide how my choices turned out! (And not to confuse anyone all my times are central. Watching TV shows one hour earlier was something I had to start getting used to when I moved to Louisiana)

7-8pm: The Amazing Race
8-9pm: Desperate Housewives
9-10pm: Brother & Sisters

I really liked this season of Amazing Race. Out of the top 3, I'm really glad Megan and Cheyne won. But I would have liked it if the Globetrotters made it to the top three. I have really enjoyed Brothers & Sisters, but I don't think this is Desperate Housewives' strongest season. Although both shows did leave us with some pretty crazy cliffhangers.

8-8:30pm: Jon & Kate Plus 8

I'm still a little said that this show is officially over, but if you're curious you can read my full thoughts on that here

7-9pm: The Biggest Loser
10-10:30pm: 18 Kids and Counting

I don't think this was the best season of The Biggest Loser I've seen. I did enjoy it, but don't think it was quite as good as last springs season where Tara seemed to dominate everything. And of course, I've been watching 18 Kids and counting all season long. No surprise here, but I loved The First Grand-Duggar Special, and I can't wait until the 19h Duggar has arrived. Also, I wasn't expecting to watch it, but I did wind up watching and really enjoy The City on MTV. But now that its over I will definitely be watching Teen Mom instead the next few weeks.

7-8pm: Mercy
8-9pm: Glee
9-10pm: Top Chef

My favorite night of TV. Mercy has been a really nice surprise. This season of Top Chef was a really good one. But Glee has become by far my favorite show on TV. I was especially in love with last night's fall finale and can't wait till this comes back in the spring!

7-8pm: Survivor
8-9pm: Grey's Anatomy
9-10pm: Real Housewives

I think I maybe watched one or two episodes of Real Housewives and then stopped. I might start watching again if they show a new NYC season, but I think I might be somewhat over this show. And while I'm not over Grey's, I don't think this has been the best season ever. I'm just hoping when it comes back they keep Lexi and Mark Sloane together. Survivor has actually been quite a pleasant surprise for me this season. I wasn't expecting to like Russel, but all his conniving is slowly starting to grow on me.

Overall, I'd say this hasn't been the strongest Fall TV season for me. There are a few shows that have really been on so far (i.e. Brothers & Sisters, Glee, & Survivor), but there's others that have hit somewhat of a low (i.e. Grey's & Desperate Housewives). But I'm really hoping they make a comeback this spring!

Anyone else care to share their thoughts on your Fall TV shows? Do you have any winners or losers? Or are there shows out there you think I should be watching?



  1. I'm actually really like Desperate Housewives this season. I swear the crazier that show gets the more I like it, it just makes me LOL so much! Haha.

    But Brothers & Sisters is DEFINITELY at the top of my list. I absolutely love that show!

  2. I like the Housewives series...It's a sick addiction it keeps getting worse and I keep getting more drawn into it. I've liked Greys so far this season though George dying was an odd twist and I'm still waiting to see how they tie all the loose ends together when they start up again.

    My surprise from this season is Modern Family. I just fell in love with that show. I can so relate to it as my family is a little crazy and then you throw in J's family and I swear I could write that freaking tv show. Love it!

    I also like Eastwick but I heard it got canceled. :-(

    Thanks for the Hanukkah advice. I know it's not the biggest Jewish holiday but it doesn't feel like a fair trade off. I've told J that my family will continue to celebrate Christmas, therefore my kids will always straddle both holidays. There will be no ignoring/avoiding christmas until the school age in our house (which is what his sister in law is doing).

    It's just difficult to feel festive about a holiday that no one in his family seems to care much about. Bekah and I are going to do a small Hanukkah this weekend and I'm looking forward to it since it'll be my first real hanukkah experience and there is no one I'd rather share it with than her.

    I'll look up those songs and check them out! Thanks again for the comment. I think J just needs to realize that even if I convert Christmas isn't going to disappear and I'm never going to feel right not doing anything for Christmas or Hanukkah. I need a little bit of the holidays when it's cold and perfect for gatherings!


  3. I have so many Desperate Housewives episodes to catch up on!! it's overwhelming when I look in my DVR. I haven't been keeping up with my shows very well lately... I have been to busy doing work at night it seems. oh, and the boys have taken over the TV with Modern Warfare. ugh. (seriously, they are about to play it right now. so irritating. must stop typing before I go on a rant! :)

  4. I have so many shows that we record weekly. T and I watch CSI(Vegas and Miami), Bones and Criminal Minds together. Tuesday night is my TV lush night. I love 90210 and Melrose Place. :)

  5. Great reviews. I agree about Desperate Housewives, it hasn't been their strongest season. I get a little sad when the fall season ends. :)

  6. i watch so many shows that I don't know where to start. Brothers & Sisters is AMAZING this season. It's one of the best shows (along with Glee). I also watched Eastwick (which has been cancelled) and it was another show that I was totally looking forward to watching. Flashforward has also been very good!

  7. I am LOVING Glee and Modern Family!

  8. I love love love Greys Anatomy! I can't wait for it to come back in January. I thought about watching Mercy but never got to see any of the episodes. I think it was on the same time as DWTS so I watched that and never remembered to set the dvr.