Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day at the Movies

This past weekend the boy and I spent the day with his 2 and a half year old niece. Almost immediately after arriving she showed her good taste when she decided she needed to play with Samantha
Sadie and Samantha
She would have probably been happy playing with Samantha all day, but we had big plans. So we made Samantha take a nap, and headed out on our way.

We stopped for lunch a McDonald's where she wound up with a bran new horse to play with. Never mind that this "horse" was blue and had six legs, it was still a horse for her. (The toys were based on the movie Avatar in case you're completely confused.)

After lunch we headed to the theater, where we were taking her to see her first movie ever The Princess and the Frog
Getting Read to the The Princess and the Frog

Being that this was first first time seeing a movie in a theater she did really well. Yes, there were 3 different bathroom tricks. And yes, she was dancing during most of the songs. And yes, instead of sitting in her own chair she spent time on my lap and on the boy's lap. She even at one point, set her booster seat on the ground and watched the movie from there.
Waiting to see the movie

But it was a matinee, and the theater was filled with kids. And by no way was she the loudest one there.

Overall, I think it wound up being a lot of fun for everyone. Maybe more for her than us? But the boy and I still had a great time. Its a little funny to think this could be our life several years from now, but instead of taking a niece to the movie, we might be taking our own kids! (And have no fear, I do promise a review of the movie itself will be up later this week)

Anyone else have any amusing experiences taking kids to the movies? Or if you remember, what was the first movie you saw in the theaters? I do be wrong, but I think mine might have been Disney's Aristocats.



  1. I don't know what the FIRST was, but the first I remember distinctly was The Lion King. Although, it wasn't the best experience. It was the first time I embarrassingly cried in public. I went to see it with my Girl Scout troop (got a patch for it!), but when Simba's dad died I just broke down. It had only been like a year and a half since my dad died and I guess I just related too much...unexpected reaction :)

  2. That is so awesome that you got to take her to her first movie! What a special experience. I don't remember what my first movie is, isn't that sad? It might have been the Little Mermaid? No idea!

  3. That's one thing I have yet to do, I've never taken a kid to a movie.

    Like Amanda, I'm pretty sure my first one was The Lion King. And I loved it because I had the Polly Pocket that went with it!

  4. My first movie in the theatre was Pocahontas. I LOVED that movie when I was a kid.

    Your niece is SO adorable!!