Saturday, December 5, 2009

Found: Larabars

Recently I made a shopping trip to Whole Foods. Something I try not to do because my money likes to run away from me in there, quickly. But since I had already admitted to myself I was willing to spend over $100 on a mere 3 items, I figured I'd check out their Larabar selection.

Now the grocery stores I normally frequent have about 4 flavors, almost all of which I've almost tried. I was expecting a similar selection at Whole Foods but was quite surprised. Instead they had almost every single flavor of Larabar there is! I wanted to buy every single flavor I hadn't had already tried. And while my stomach was a huge fan of that idea, my wallet wasn't quite. So instead I limited myself to the following four flavors.
Cherry Pie, Ginger Snap, Cinnamon Roll, and Banana Bread. I can't wait to try all four of these! And honestly, go back and buy the rest of the flavors I want to try!

Do you have a hard time finding a large selection of Larabars where you are? Or what foods do you have a hard time finding? And we can't forget, what is your favorite Larabar flavor?



  1. I want to love Larabars, I really do, I love the flavors they offer and the idea of an all natural bar but the taste always disappointments me. I think it's the texture too. It's not food enough to me maybe? Idk. I keep buying them based on their names (the lemon bar always gets me) but then I'm disappointed. :-(

    I used to order these and loved them!

    I want to start getting them again when I get back to LA.

  2. I love ginger snap! My store has REALLY improved its selections (and they often go on sale - 3 for 5$), but they're stilling missing my two faves - ginger snap and peanut butter. I also love the lemon and coconut one and they have those two so it's ok. They even started carryin g the peanut butter and jelly one - I was SHOCKED lol!

  3. YES! I totally have trouble finding a good selection.

    Hmm, I bet the cinnamon roll one is GOOD! I love larabars :)

  4. I've had the banana bread ones and they are SO good!

  5. I love the pecan pie larabar. LOVE it.

    They are very hard to find and it annoys me.

  6. I've never had a Larabar. The flavors you mentioned sound really good. I agree about Whole Foods and money running away. I'm always surprised when the cashier tells me my total.