Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Wonderland

This past Friday it snowed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Its Snowing in Baton Rouge, LA
I do realize that in lots of parts of the world, snow isn't that big of a deal. And the amount of snow would be considered minuscule. But for Louisiana its awfully impressive.
Snow at the Pool
More impressive if that it actually snowed here last year as well. But until then, it hadn't snowed in Baton Rouge since the 1980s. So no snow for 20 years, and then snow two years in a row. I'll take it!
Cars with Snow
All night long you could hear people throughout the apartment complex yelling when they opened the door to find that there was actually snow falling outside. There were even some kids who used plastic bags as gloves and picked up handfuls of snow off car rooftops to have a makeshift snow ball fight.
Out in the snow
(If you look closely at this picture of me you can even see mini snowflakes in my hair.) In between running outside every few minutes just to check to see if it was still snowing I had a cup of hot chocolate and a ginger snap Larabar. The perfect dessert for a snowy winter's eve.
Hot Chocolate and Larabar
And even though overall there wasn't a lot of snow. The following morning there was still a good amount of evidence left over on my car.
Snow on my car the following morning
Anyone else get to experience some snowfall this past weekend? If so, I hope you were just as excited to receive it as we were down in the LA.



  1. It's supposed to snow here tonight and I can't wait! I love it and cannot imagine living somewhere without snow in the winter!

  2. I loved it Friday, it was so cool, check out the pics!!!!!

  3. Blow some our way!!! We got a little bit of snow last week, but it didn't stick. Hot chocolate+snow=perfect day!

  4. by the time it made it to where I live, (about 15 minutes west of new orleans) it was just rain. I stayed up waiting for it! LOL

  5. Mmm, that cocoa looks delish! I want some!

    We got a dusting this past week, but not much. It's so weird to not have snow right now. Kind of makes it feel like it's not December... but I am sure it will snow soon and then I'll be wishing it would go away!!

  6. We got some wintery mix up here. I find it very ironic that it snows in BR both years that I haven't been there. Gah.

    Anyways, the lack of true snow up here is fine with me because I don't want to worry more about the boy driving home at odd hours with bad lighting. These country roads would be perfect for black ice. Scary.

    I should get my fill of snow this weekend in Boston and then two days in Frostburg, MD on our way to NC next week. Hoping we won't have to do much driving in it.... Neither one of us had alot of experience in it.

  7. Aw, I'm glad you were able to see some snow!!! We got some up here as well!

  8. what a cute picture of you and the barely there snow! :) I am jealous of even the tiniest bit of snow you got... as you know, I won't be having even a slightly white Christmas here in So Cal! but I do remember how excited I was when I was living in D.C. and it snowed. from January to April there wasn't much snow but there were two days in the middle of that when all of a sudden it did snow and I was so ecstatic! I was like those kids... I went and had a snowball fight!

  9. Yay snow! We had our first snow of the season this past weekend too!

  10. Yay for snow. It's exciting to have snow in the south. I was out of town but San Antonio had snow flurries. Fun!