Monday, December 7, 2009

The Saints are Back

Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day
The boy has been wanting to see this movie since he heard they were going to make it. And while its has been in limited release for several weeks now, this weekend was the first time it opened at a location that wasn't 8 house away.

This film is the sequel to Boondock Saints, a movie that came out about 10 years ago and did fairly poor in actual theaters. However, once it was released to video it became somewhat of a cult classic and developed quite the fan following. I mean I've met people who have gotten tattoos based on this movie. Its one of the boy's favorite movies, but lucky for me he doesn't have any tattoos.

In case you've never suffered seen the first movie like I have, this movie is basically about 2 brothers living in Boston who become known as the Saints. The reason for this nickname is because, like most of the boy's favorite movies, they become vigilante killers, and go after all the bad guys that the police either can't catch or can't produce enough evidence against to be found guilty in court.

The second movie takes place not that far after the first, and in general features the same cast of characters. Overall, I didn't hate it. It was really what I expected to see based on the first. The boy did like it, but felt it didn't top the first one. I do think if you have any interest in seeing it, I'd make sure you at least see the original first.


P.S. Speaking of Saints, the New Orleans Saints somehow had a miraculous victory this past weekend against the Redskins and are still undefeated. The boy is trying quite hard to convert me to a Saints fan, and I have to admit that it is slowly starting to work.


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  2. Please don't remind me of that game. Lucky for the Saint's they had the refs on their side! ;)