Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is it Saturday Yet?

The Saturday Wife by Naomi Ragen
I been noticing this book for quite a while now in the bookstore. I always see it and think with the Jewish Star earning I will really like it. But each time I read the summary and decide that I'm not to sure I'll enjoy it. I finally say this book being sold bargain priced and figured this was the best time to try it out.

I almost wish I could say I was disappointed by this book. Except I didn't have very high expectations for it and was sure I'd enjoy it. So really, my expectations were pretty much met.

The book follows a modern day Orthodox woman, Delilah Levi, living in New York. Some how Delilah winds up being a Rabbi's wife when she would have much rather been they type of wife to star on Real Housewives. Delilah spent most of the book miserable, and as a reader you felt pretty miserable right beside her. There were a few highlights of the book, an over-the-top Bar Mitzvah being one of them, but over all I wasn't a big fan.

There was a bit of a surprise ending, and leaves who wondering as a reader. And while the ending was a nice surprise, it didn't make up for the rest of the book for me.

I have heard that some of Naomi Ragen's books are a lot better. So I might take a chance and try out something else she has written. But while I can't say now I don't enjoy her as an author, I can say I wasn't a big fan of this book.



  1. Don't you just hate it when you read a disappointing book?! For me, that's one of the worst things! Go pick up the new Dan Brown novel, The Lost Symbol. It was my most recent read and it was fantastic!

  2. I've never heard of her... I'm currently reading In Her Shoes (I know, I'm super late on that one!)

  3. I have this book and enjoyed it. It's definitely full of satire though. Not everyone enjoys reading that.

    The most beautiful book by Naomi Ragen that gets me each and every single time is The Covenant. It was the first of her books that I read and I think it's one of her most powerful. I would suggest you check that one out next.