Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Blind Assassin

Before we get to the reviews, I just wanted to add that I have so been looking forward to using this title for these two movies. And when you think about it a movie called The Blind Assassin could be quite interesting.

Ninja Assassin
This entire movie was filled with blood, guts, gore from the very first scene. There were literally times when I was trying to hide in my seat trying to escape some of the gruesome events happening onscreen.

The movie is about some girl. (No, I don't remember her name. Clearly, names weren't the main thing you were supposed to remain from this movie.) Any way she's trying to investigate some creed of ninjas that assassinates people from the government's orders and has for the past few hundred years. Of course the ninjas don't want this to become public so they go after her. Quite poetic, right?

Luckily for me, there were at least two love stories involved in the back story. These were pretty much the only thing I enjoyed about the movie, although I can admit the fight sense were a little ridiculous to watch (and I mean ridiculous in a good way). Thankfully, we're moving on to...

The Blind Side
This movie has been all over the media so much I pretty much knew the story before the movie started, and you probably do to, but just in case... The movie is about the Tuohy family, a an upper class, white family living in Tennessee. The family winds up taking in higher-school Michael Ohert a homeless, African-American who winds up becoming part of the family. While he lives with the family he stars playing football. He goes onto become an All-American football player in college, and currently starts for the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, I did somewhat ruin the ending there, but as I said earlier, if you've heard anything about the movie you probably know all of this already.

This movie I really did like, and I think in general its a hard movie not to like. The actual story is awfully unbelieve, until you realize its actually true. It is definitely a a story where the underdog succeeds past anyone expectations.

One small detail I liked was that the movie ended buy showing actual family photos of the family, something I was hoping they would do. I also wonder after seeing a movie on a "true story" what the real people look like, and this movie satisfied my curiosity. Of course, I loved the few LSU cameos throughout the movie, even though Micheal Ohert choose Ole Miss LSU.

I do have to add that the boy was disappointed by on aspect of the movie. This was the fact that considering the movie was supposed to be a sports movie and it was about a football player, there was very little actual football scenes. But overall, he enjoyed the movie as well.

I think its pretty obvious which of these two movies I'd see again given the chance. Although the boy if given a choice would make the opposite decision from me. By since this is my blog after all, I'd tell everyone to go see The Blind Side, and do your best to avoid Ninja Assassin



  1. If you boyfriend is into football I've heard the book that inspired The Blind Side is very technical and full of football. Don't know this 100% b/c I haven't read it but I've seen the book reviews and some people complain of all the technicalities.

  2. Great movie reviews. I've heard great things about The Blind Side. I'm going to have to see it!

  3. I've heard TONS about the Blind Side but never actually knew much about the plot until now! I think I was confusing it with a different movie. Anyways, I've heard it's great, I really want to see it!

  4. T and I loved the Blind Side. We are avoiding Ninja Assassin though. We didn't hear very many positive reviews on it other than, "Dude, the martials arts are cool!" Definitely not enough to motivate me to go see it. HA

  5. I can't wait to see The Blind Side, it looks so good! I kind of cried during the preview, so i'll make sure to bring kleenexes for the movie :P

  6. I really loved The Blind Side and can't wait to buy it when it comes out on dvd. Cy thinks it's hilarious how much I LOVE sports movies but am not that into sports. I guess it is strange, but I guess I just like inspiring movies!! :)

  7. I had never heard the story until I saw the movie but I thought the Blind Side was great! I really liked the photos at the end as well!